Christianity lets you renew. And that’s unlike every other religion. Because we all need a second chance. A do over. A reboot.


Because we all mess up. What the Bible calls sin. Everyone that is, except Jesus. Scripture says he was perfect, and because of him, we can get a pass.

And that’s something else Christianity offers that no other religion does. Grace.

So you will never completely overcome sin. But you can stop it from completely overcoming you. Here are three ways Christianity lets you renew.

Christianity Lets You Renew Your Life

When talking with a religious leader of his day, Jesus told him something that sounded odd. He must be born again.

What did Jesus mean by this? Even the religious leader was confused. Did he mean a physical birth?

Jesus explained that he meant a spiritual rebirth through faith in him. By admitting sin. Asking for and accepting his forgiveness. And when you do, you are spiritually reborn in Christ.

So what does it mean to be “in Christ?”

Well, it doesn’t mean you are suddenly perfect. That you never sin again. Or the earthly consequence of sin goes away. But it does mean that in God’s eyes, the slate is wiped clean. And His Spirit takes residence in your life to give you a fresh start and guide you in a new life.

Christianity Lets You Renew Your Mind

We seldom commit sinful acts completely on impulse. Most of the time, we think about them before we actually do them.

Satan knows this.

Which is why he plants thoughts and images in your mind. So you can entertain them. Replay them. Let them flourish and grow so when the actual opportunity presents itself, going from the thought to the action is a smooth transition.

Of course. Many thoughts are sin themselves. No action is necessary. Which is why the mind is such a fertile ground for sin. Because you and I can actually commit all kinds of sin in our minds—without physically doing anything. But all sin has the same effect. To separate us from God.

And that is why the Bible encourages us to take our thoughts captive. To proactively direct our thoughts on things that please God. To understand that while we are subject to sin, and will still sin, it does not have to rule us. And by renewing our minds, it won’t.

And the best way to renew your mind is to bathe it in scripture. By focusing your thoughts on God’s Word.

Christianity Lets You Renew Your Heart

No one messed up worse than David. He was a hero when he defeated Goliath. But later he seduced another man’s wife and got her pregnant. Then had her husband killed to cover it up. A royal mess up. But when confronted, he confessed to God, repented of his sin, and cried out in despair, “Create in me a clean heart O God.”

And God did. Because of His grace and mercy. And He offers the same forgiveness to you and me.

Sin is rooted deeply in our human nature and in our world. So we will never be completely free of it in this life. But it doesn’t have to rule us. God’s mercy is unlimited. So even though I fail today, tomorrow offers a fresh start.

Therefore, I am always filled with hope. And that renews me too.

Chip Tudor is an author, blogger and professional writer. He publishes books, humorous Christian drama, and thought provoking blogs from a Christian worldview. This blog is originally published here.

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