1. A Lesson From The AFL To Improve Your Business

    Written by Chip Tudor - Apr. 13, 2021

    I’ve learned a valuable lesson from the AFL. Well, actually four of them I’d like to share that will help improve your business.

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  2. Three Tips For Writing A Church Comedy Drama

    Written by Chip Tudor - Apr. 06, 2021

    Writing a church comedy drama can be rewarding. Although led by amateurs, here are three tips for delivering a professional production.

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  3. Easter Pivot: Four Pivots That Explain The Easter Story

    Written by Chip Tudor - Apr. 02, 2021

    What does an Easter Pivot and March Madness have in common? Surprises and changes in direction. Here are four that explain the Easter story.

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  4. FDIC – The Guarantor Of Emotional Intelligence

    Written by Chip Tudor - Mar. 30, 2021

    When developing or changing organizational behavior related emotional intelligence, look to FDIC to evaluate if you’re making progress.

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  5. What’s The Big Idea Behind A Biblical Worldview?

    Written by Chip Tudor - Mar. 23, 2021

    What’s the big idea behind a Biblical worldview? Actually, there are lots of them. Here are three foundational to the Christian faith.

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  6. Sleeping At Last

    Written by Chip Tudor - Mar. 16, 2021

    Sleeping at last applies in different ways to babies, young adults, and aging parents. This article examines each one in turn.

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  7. The Bible’s Approach To Finding Your Why

    Written by Chip Tudor - Mar. 09, 2021

    The Bible speaks about finding your why. A search for meaning. Sense of purpose. Here are three Biblical approaches for finding yours.

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