1. Three Attributes Of A Biblically Mastered Mind

    Written by Chip Tudor - Jun. 22, 2021

    A Biblically mastered mind manages what thoughts are allowed in and stay. Here are three attributes of a Biblically mastered mind.

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  2. When God Says Fish Are Biting On The Right Side Of The Boat

    Written by Chip Tudor - Jun. 15, 2021

    When God says fish are biting on the right side of the boat…what does it mean? Here are four things God might be doing.

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  3. When Business Is A Rat Race Don’t Outpace Yourself At Work

    Written by Chip Tudor - Jun. 08, 2021

    Business can seem like a rat race. But don’t outpace yourself at work. Here are three helpful hints for leaders to pace themselves.

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  4. Three Lessons the Biblical Story of Samson Teaches

    Written by Chip Tudor - Jun. 01, 2021

    The Biblical story of Samson is more than a children’s Sunday School lesson. It has lessons to teach all of us. Here are three of them.

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  5. Beat The Zoom Meeting Blues

    Written by Chip Tudor - May. 25, 2021

    By now you’re probably ready to cancel your next zoom meeting. But here are some questions to ask and things to keep in mind before you do.

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  6. Three Ways Christianity Lets You Renew

    Written by Chip Tudor - May. 18, 2021

    Unlike every other religion, Christianity lets you renew. Gives you a second chance. A do over. A reboot. Here are three ways it does that.

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  7. The Dangerous, Beautiful And Life-Giving Capacity Of Laughter

    Written by Chip Tudor - May. 11, 2021

    Laughter can be beautiful, dangerous and life-giving. Follow these principles so that it’s beautiful and life-giving for your organization.

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