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Saints According To The Bible

Saints according to the Bible are not what you think. The hymn, "When The Saints Go Marching In" brings to mind a parade of morally superior people. But the Bible book of Ephesians describes saints another way. Here's how. Saints According To The Bible Are Described...

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If The Easter Story Is Real

If the Easter story is real then it has an important meaning. One that extends from life on earth into eternity. It is this hope that millions of followers of Jesus live for. Many have died for. And why if the Easter story about a resurrected Savior is real, it should...

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Biblical Righteousness Is More Than You Think

Biblical righteousness is often misunderstood. Because the negative picture for many people is actually self-righteousness. Someone Jesus regularly condemned. So let’s look at how scripture describes Biblical righteousness. Biblical righteousness is based on a...

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