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The Most Powerful Stories Are…

Compelling…thought provoking…transforming.

As a storyteller, I focus in three areas.



I’ve published five Christian books. Four are non-fiction and the fifth, Soul Pursuit, is a Christian detective novel. Its sequel, Finding Grace, will be released in 2022. The books are sold on Amazon and you’ll find reviews for them on Goodreads.


When I first started blogging, topics generally supported my freelance copywriting business. Now they are primarily on topics related to the Christian faith. Rooted in scripture and written to inspire and encourage.


Professional Writer

Although it no longer drives my workload, I am still a freelance copywriter with a sense of humor. And I enjoy composing clever captions and humorous, light-hearted copy.

My Books

Soul Pursuit

An honorably discharged Navy SEAL, Jack Sterling moves to Dayton to emotionally support his recently divorced mother….

Elements Of Internal Church Marketing

There’s a hidden audience within a church that presents an opportunity for ministry growth.

Christianity For The Average Joe

Christians differ in their beliefs. And that sometimes makes Christianity seem..

Family Stew

This collection of stories is told from a humorous perspective about our middle class, suburban family. Parents will laugh..

My Blog

If The Easter Story Is Real

If The Easter Story Is Real

If the Easter story is real then it has an important meaning and should get your attention. Here are three meanings for you to consider.

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When It Hurts So Bad You Can’t Stand It

When it hurts so bad you can't stand it, Jesus will ease your pain. He offers comfort, peace, and new purpose to those who take refuge in him. Here's why. When it hurts so bad you can't stand it, know that Jesus shares your pain and offers comfort Pain is an...

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God’s Equipment For Spiritual Battle: Part One

God’s equipment for spiritual battle is described in the Bible book of Ephesians 6:10-18. It reminds Christ-followers of a real, spiritual enemy. And describes the spiritual armor God provides for battle when he attacks. Paul begins in V.10 by urging Christ-followers...

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Saints According To The Bible

Saints according to the Bible are not what you think. The hymn, "When The Saints Go Marching In" brings to mind a parade of morally superior people. But the Bible book of Ephesians describes saints another way. Here's how. Saints According To The Bible Are Described...

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If The Easter Story Is Real

If the Easter story is real then it has an important meaning. One that extends from life on earth into eternity. It is this hope that millions of followers of Jesus live for. Many have died for. And why if the Easter story about a resurrected Savior is real, it should...

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