My Books

I worked as a freelance copywriter for 20+ years and began writing Christian books several years ago. I hope you find them entertaining, insightful and helpful in ministry.

Soul Pursuit

An honorably discharged Navy SEAL, Jack Sterling moves to Dayton to emotionally support his recently divorced mother….

Elements Of Internal Church Marketing

There’s a hidden audience within a church that presents an opportunity for ministry growth.

Christianity For The Average Joe

Christians differ in their beliefs. And that sometimes makes Christianity seem..

Family Stew

This collection of stories is told from a humorous perspective about our middle class, suburban family. Parents will laugh..

How To Build A Church Intramural Sports League

This book describes how to build a church intramural sports league that engages people beyond worship attendance, promotes.


Finding Grace

Jack is hired to find Grace Miller, a freshman at the University of Dayton who is missing. Can he find her, and if so, in what condition?