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  1. A Standing Offer

    Written by Chip Tudor

    Theme: God’s offer of grace is a standing offer. (Romans 6:12-14) Length: 3-4 minutes Characters: Mark & Janet Campbell Scene/Props: A kitchen with table and chairs. You also need a portable phone, a laundry basket full of clothes, a notepad and pen, stapler, paper clips and whiteout. Synopsis: Recently laid off of work, Mark calls […]

  2. All in the Family

    Written by Chip Tudor

    Theme: God does not condemn us so we should not condemn one another. (Rom. 8:1-4) Length: 6-7 minutes Characters: Archie, Edith, Mike, Gloria Scene/Props: The Bunker Home. Lunchbox, Overcoat, Hat, gloves, scarf, stove, game of scrabble, coat rack, Archie’s chair, kitchen table & chairs, dictionary, coffee mug, remote control, pile of laundry, T.V. set, slippers, […]

  3. Armor of God

    Written by Chip Tudor

    Theme: Christians prepare for spiritual battle by wearing the armor of God. (Ephesians 6:11-17) Characters: 2 actors, male or female Length: 2.5 – 3 minutes Scene/Props: Tin foil that is shaped into a helmet, a breastplate, sword and shield. Synopsis: In this funny man, straight man routine, Melvin wears armor that he has fashioned out […]

  4. Attitude Adjustment

    Written by Chip Tudor

    Theme: You can’t control your circumstances, but you can control your attitude Length: 4-5 minutes Characters: John & Jane Scene/Props: Office break room with a vending machine and a table with chairs. Synopsis: John is angry when the vending machine takes his money without delivering a candy bar although it works fine when Jane buys […]

  5. Christmas at the Klooks

    Written by Chip Tudor

    Christmas at the Klooks Theme: The Christmas message offers mankind peace and joy. But only when you accept the Savior’s gift. Synopsis: What starts as a simple gathering for refreshments following a Christmas Eve Service becomes much more, as a father reveals the reason for his cynical attitude towards God. He’s been carrying a burden […]

  6. Christmas at the Mall

    Written by Chip Tudor

    Christmas at the Mall   Theme: Christmas is most meaningful when you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Synopsis: Several mini-stories merge in this comedy where the characters present different perspectives on Christmas. Two sisters, two homeless women, two security guards and a married couple. Running Time: 20-25 minutes Setting: The Concourse at a Shopping […]

  7. Father’s Day Theme

    Written by Chip Tudor

    Theme: A father exerts significant influence on the spiritual development of his sons. Characters: Several fathers and their sons. Some fathers and sons can be used in more than one scene. Length: 4:30 minutes Scene/Props: Props should be real enough to convey the scene, but the actors will need to quickly move them in and […]

  8. Focused on the Priority

    Written by Chip Tudor

    Theme: Your priority in life is demonstrated by where you invest your time. Characters: Four women Length: 5 – 6 minutes Scene/Props: Health club setting with stationary bike, rowing machine, hand weights. Synopsis: Three ladies with different motives embark on a weight training program with a personal trainer. But the personal trainer is more like […]

  9. Football Flip Flop

    Written by Chip Tudor

    Theme: Genuine authenticity means standing up for your convictions Characters: 4 men, 3 women Length: 4-5 minutes Scene/Props: A living room with a small sofa and a couple of chairs. A card table is used for refreshments. One couple is dressed in Ohio State attire and the other in Michigan. You’ll need snacks for the […]

  10. How to Build a Church Intramural Sports League

    Written by Chip Tudor

    This is the audio version of my e-book that is available on Amazon. The book describes how to build a church intramural sports league that engages people beyond worship attendance, promotes community and strategically moves participants deeper into church life to make a spiritual impact. To preview the e-book, locate it on Amazon and the […]

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