You can reclaim your heart for God. Or maybe claim it for the first time. Sure you’ve messed up. We all have. And David who killed Goliath messed up too. Big time. And yet, scripture says David had a heart for God. So if David reclaimed his heart for God, there’s hope for all of us. Here are three steps to reclaim yours.

To Reclaim Your Heart For God You Must Recognize Its Condition

Is man basically good or evil? You can argue it either way, right? There are many examples of both. The Bible, however, simply calls us sinful. In other words, we have the capacity for both good and evil. Isn’t that what we actually see in the world?

Sin is the heart condition that separates us from God. And we all sin. Lying, cheating and stealing are just a few obvious ones. There are many other things we do as well. Also things we say and even think about. Seriously. Do I have to spell them all out for you?

The point is, when you let sin rule your heart, you act in all kinds of…well, sinful ways. But you don’t have to let sin rule. You can invite God’s Spirit to rule instead.

To Reclaim Your Heart For God It Must Be Transformed

It was a time after defeating Goliath that David committed adultery and then committed murder to cover it up. Two more examples of sin. But when confronted with his wrong doing, he confessed his sin and repented before God.

Confession and repentance open the door to transformation. Why? Because when you confess and repent, God forgives. Simple, but not easy. Because confession and repentance require humility.

And that means taking responsibility for your actions, rather than make excuses and blame someone or something else. That’s what David did. And we all have to do too. That’s when your heart is transformed.

Transformation doesn’t happen because of what you do, but what God has done. God’s forgiveness wipes the slate clean. Makes you new from the inside out. Lets you start over. And reclaim your heart for God.

Your Reclaimed Heart Must Be Guarded

When you reclaim your heart for God, it’s not one and done. Because sin is persistent and pervasive. And there’s a spiritual enemy seeking to drag you down. And relentless on his spiritual attacks.

That’s why even though God transforms your heart, it quickly and easily fills back up with sin. And so you must sincerely and regularly repeat the whole confession and repentance process.

You have to guard what you let into your heart. And manage what stays there. Play defense and offense. By also pursuing a life that moves towards God, rather than away.

As you reclaim your heart for God, you also reclaim a life of purpose, meaning and eternal significance.

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Chip Tudor is a freelance copywriter, published author, playwright and pastor. He publishes drama at, books on, and articles on his blog.

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