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  1. The Dangerous, Beautiful And Life-Giving Capacity Of Laughter

    Written by Chip Tudor - May. 11, 2021

    Laughter can be beautiful, dangerous and life-giving. Follow these principles so that it’s beautiful and life-giving for your organization.

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  2. The Biblical Answer To Deep Yearnings Of The Heart

    Written by Chip Tudor - May. 04, 2021

    There is a Biblical answer to deep yearnings of the heart. Questions like: Who Am I? Does my life have value? Let’s look at three of them.

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  3. Principles For Parenting Adult Children

    Written by Chip Tudor - Apr. 27, 2021

    Parenting Adult Children is different than parenting young children. Here are principles for parenting your adult children.

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  4. Writing Comedy Skits For Church: A Joke Writing Technique

    Written by Chip Tudor - Apr. 20, 2021

    There are good reasons for writing comedy skits for church. They can be used to support a sermon theme in church worship services or provide entertainment for other church programs. You may think writing comedy skits for church is about inspiration… the creative muse. Not to downplay creativity, but writing comedy church skits also involves […]

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  5. A Lesson From The AFL To Improve Your Business

    Written by Chip Tudor - Apr. 13, 2021

    I’ve learned a valuable lesson from the AFL. Well, actually four of them I’d like to share that will help improve your business.

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  6. Three Tips For Writing A Church Comedy Drama

    Written by Chip Tudor - Apr. 06, 2021

    Writing a church comedy drama can be rewarding. Although led by amateurs, here are three tips for delivering a professional production.

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  7. Easter Pivot: Four Pivots That Explain The Easter Story

    Written by Chip Tudor - Apr. 02, 2021

    What does an Easter Pivot and March Madness have in common? Surprises and changes in direction. Here are four that explain the Easter story.

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