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  1. Understanding Agreement And Respect Are Not The Same

    Written by Chip Tudor - Oct. 26, 2021

    Understanding agreement and respect are not the same. Here are three ideas to help you disagree but still respect other people.

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  2. The Positive Effect When You Celebrate With Others

    Written by Chip Tudor - Oct. 19, 2021

    When you celebrate with others, you create a positive effect. It creates affirming ripples that benefit everyone.

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  3. The Unfathomable Mystery And Power In Praising God

    Written by Chip Tudor - Oct. 06, 2021

    There is power in praising God. It’s an unfathomable mystery. And the impact on those who praise Him is misunderstood and underestimated.

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  4. Taking For Granted What Others Pray For

    Written by Chip Tudor - Sep. 29, 2021

    Are you taking for granted what others pray for? Here are some thoughts to help you reflect on and appreciate what you have with gratitude.

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  5. Lessons From The Bible Story Of Balaam’s Talking Donkey

    Written by Chip Tudor - Sep. 22, 2021

    The Bible Story of Balaam’s talking donkey seems like a story you see in a cartoon. So what lessons does an ancient donkey teach us today?

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  6. A Biblical Prescription For The Healing Of America

    Written by Chip Tudor - Sep. 14, 2021

    There is a Biblical prescription for the healing of America. It is the cumulative result of individual healing on a mass scale.

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  7. What The Bible Story Of Ruth Teaches About Godly Love

    Written by Chip Tudor - Sep. 07, 2021

    The Bible Story of Ruth teaches about Godly love. It’s about the love between a man and woman. And the redeeming love of God for mankind.

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