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  1. Focused on the Priority

    Written by Chip Tudor

    Theme: Your priority in life is demonstrated by where you invest your time. Characters: Four women Length: 5 – 6 minutes Scene/Props: Health club setting with stationary bike, rowing machine, hand weights. Synopsis: Three ladies with different motives embark on a weight training program with a personal trainer. But the personal trainer is more like […]

  2. Football Flip Flop

    Written by Chip Tudor

    Theme: Genuine authenticity means standing up for your convictions Characters: 4 men, 3 women Length: 4-5 minutes Scene/Props: A living room with a small sofa and a couple of chairs. A card table is used for refreshments. One couple is dressed in Ohio State attire and the other in Michigan. You’ll need snacks for the […]

  3. How to Build a Church Intramural Sports League

    Written by Chip Tudor

    This is the audio version of my e-book that is available on Amazon. The book describes how to build a church intramural sports league that engages people beyond worship attendance, promotes community and strategically moves participants deeper into church life to make a spiritual impact. To preview the e-book, locate it on Amazon and the […]

  4. Incomparable

    Written by Chip Tudor

    Incomparable Theme: The love of Christ is incomparable. When you rest in His grace, you don’t need to compete. Synopsis: Two grandfathers rooting for opposing soccer teams make it personal in a social competition of one upmanship that ends in friendship. Cast: Don: A middle class grandfather Bill: A senior adult resident at a retirement […]

  5. Instilling Values

    Written by Chip Tudor

    Theme: Children adopt values by imitating the actions of their parents. Characters: 1 male, 1 female Length: 2.5 – 3 minutes Scene/Props: Kitchen Table, small counter, microwave oven, microwave meal, table settings, cell phone Synopsis: After discussing their day of questionable ethics and business practices, Mr. and Mrs. Stevens learn their son tried to steal […]

  6. Jumping to Conclusions

    Written by Chip Tudor

    Theme: Jumping to a conclusion may cause you to misjudge others. Length: 4-5 minutes Characters: Two singles, John and Jane Scene/Props: A room with 2 easy chairs and a table with lamp. Synopsis: Jane is angry because when she interrupts a group of girls involved in a conversation, they all stop speaking. She automatically assumes […]

  7. Mystery of the Lost Meaning of Christmas

    Written by Chip Tudor

    Mystery of the Lost Meaning of Christmas Theme: The meaning of Christmas can be lost in busy, Christmas events, but found in the relationships. Synopsis: Joe Dubious, an agnostic private eye is hired by a church to find the missing meaning of Christmas. His investigation encounters a diverse cast of humorous characters that hold different […]

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