What Can Be Trusted

Theme: Outside of the absolute Word of God, truth is untrustworthy. (Romans 9:6-13)
Characters: Two males, two females
Length: 5 – 6 minutes
Scene/Props: This is a reader’s theater. No props or staging is needed.

Synopsis: This reader’s theater script supports the doctrine that the Bible communicates absolute truth. Outside the Word of God, truth is difficult to trust.

(Readers are positioned in a line across the front platform.)
One: Truth…

Three: Is important.

Two: To say what you mean…

Four: And mean what you say.

Three: If you can’t believe what people say…

Four: How can you trust anyone?

One: How can you believe in anything?

Two: We live in a constantly changing world…

Three: With changing values.

One: Some say truth changes with circumstances…

Four: That truth is relative.

One: Not my relatives.

Three: Then maybe, truth is a matter of perception.

Two: Manipulate the words…

Four: Manage the perception.

Two: Truth then is optional…

Four: Political…

One: Practical…

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