Theme: There’s no specific theme. It’s intended as a humorous addition to a larger Christmas program and works for any age group in a variety of settings.

Characters: Two people of any gender and age. The key is for them to have an obvious chemistry: i.e. Two siblings, parent/child, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. (be imaginative)

Length: 5 – 6 minutes
Scene/Props: The Night Before Christmas poem, A large children’s book (use the book as a prop or make a prop book) and a comfortable reading chair.

Synopsis: A couple read the traditional Night Before Christmas poem to the audience. Dale has a business-like approach, but Carolyn keeps interrupting with questions and comments that create a humorous exchange.

Note: The more you distinguish the two characters, the more humor you’ll create. As an alternative, eliminate the chair and have them stand. Use a reading stand for the book and let the second character turn pages.

(Dale and Carolyn enter together. Dale maintains an attitude of complete seriousness. He has a job to do and is all business. Carolyn also appears serious on the surface, but there’s mischievousness about her.)

Dale: As part of our celebration of the Christmas season, we’d like to read a favorite, traditional classic.

(He sits with exaggerated seriousness. Carolyn stands next to the arm of the chair as if in support. She’s serious too, but it’s a mock seriousness.)

Dale: (with much drama) T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. The stockings were hung—

Carolyn: What would a mouse be stirring?

(Dale pauses. He’s caught off guard, almost surprised as he was completely immersed in the dramatic reading)

Dale: What do mean what would a mouse be stirring?

Carolyn: Would it be coffee, eggnog, or what?

Dale: He wasn’t stirring anything.

Carolyn: I know that. It says right there the mouse wasn’t stirring. My question is: what would he stir if he was stirring. Do mice drink coffee?