Theme: Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ and the salvation he offers.

Length: 2-3 minutes
Characters: Six different people. This one used youth
Scenes/Props: None

Synopsis: This reader theater script was used to begin a Christmas program.

(Readers position themselves as a line across the stage. The capitalized word in the first three lines is the one emphasized)

One: WHAT is Christmas?

Two: What IS Christmas?

Three: What is CHRISTMAS?

Four: Uh, would you repeat the question?


Four: Okay…I get it.

Five: Christmas is for kids.

Six: I thought Trix was for kids.

One: Okay, you guys, let’s get cereal…I mean, serious.

Three: Yes, this conversation is getting flakey.

Five: What I mean is that kids love Christmas because they get presents.

Six: I like presents.

One: And Christmas is about the most important present of all—the gift of eternal life.

Two: But more importantly, it’s the birth of our Savior.

Three: He’s the one who brought the gift.

Five: So Christmas is not just for kids, it’s for everyone.