The Christmas Baby Jesus came on a mission. And the reasons for it are not just important. But the difference between life and death. Here are three of them.

The Christmas Baby Jesus Came To Establish A Kingdom

But it was not an earthly kingdom as most expected. And this was hard for people of that day to see and understand. Because there was no royal reception. Expensive pomp and splendor. Or Red carpet treatment.

Instead, the Christmas baby Jesus humbly arrived in a common stable for animals. And greeted by shepherds–the lowest class of social standing. But bathed in the glory of God.

For it was a humble beginning followed by a ministry of service that ended in a sacrificial death and resurrection. And that brought more confusion and misunderstanding. Until finally, the truth of his kingdom broke through like the dawning light of a new day. And it changed everything.

For the new kingdom that Jesus established was spiritual. And the throne he ruled within the human heart.

The Christmas Baby Jesus Came To Rescue Us

Jesus came because the world is broken. Because we are broken. And sinners who are helpless to fix it. Therefore, we need a savior. And Jesus came as that savior. God’s Son in human form. The only one who could live a perfect life. And qualified as a perfect sacrifice to save us.

But many people still reject this idea. Convinced that we can fix the world. And fix ourselves too. By simply trying harder. Tapping the power within us. And following the path of enlightenment to become our true, godlike self.

However, Jesus said, “no you can’t.” And claimed to be God’s exclusive solution. The only solution to sin. A gift you receive by invitation. By believing and acting on faith. And making a choice to follow him.

The Christmas Baby Jesus Came To Offer Grace

Grace is an eternal game changer. Granted by asking God’s forgiveness of sin. Received as a gift from Jesus.

And it’s absolutely amazing! Why? Because you can’t earn it. Don’t deserve it. Yet, God offers it in infinite measure.

Through the Christmas Baby Jesus, God’s grace pours over you like a fresh, cleansing shower. And washing away the old. Which makes you new. And reclaims a spiritual relationship blocked by sin. The transformation into a child of God.

It’s here you discover that submission is not subjugation. And walking with Jesus is the path of true freedom. Because of the joy the angels sang about that first Christmas day 2,000 years ago. And it’s a joy you now share.


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