Find God’s Purpose and you’ll experience a life full of peace, contentment and joy. But how? Here are some thoughts to guide you.

You’ll Find God’s Purpose Revealed Through Scripture

People often approach the search for God’s purpose like it’s mystical. Revealed through dreams, visions and signs. Yes. The Bible is full of stories where God used these methods to reveal His purpose. And He still uses them today. But they are the exception and not the rule.

Because more commonly, God’s purpose is practical and ordinary.

And interwoven throughout scripture. In its commands and teachings on how to treat others, demonstrate Godly character and follow Jesus Christ.

One act, following another in a life that honors God according to His purpose.

It’s less about discovering God’s grand scheme for your life and more about faithful discipleship. Like what does it actually look like in practical terms to love your neighbor? And as you respond to what God reveals in scripture, you will become more sensitive to the mysterious urgings of His Spirit.

You’ll Find God’s Purpose By Joining Where He Is Already At Work

The late Henry Blackaby said this in his Experiencing God discipleship curriculum. Although he specifically referenced the will of God, I think its simple, yet profound advice applies here too. God is still active in the world. And visible to those who want to serve Him.

So pay attention to where He is obviously working. In Gospel driven organizations like The Christian Appalachian Project, Samaritan’s Purse and Mercy Ships. In local ministries in your community. Even within your church. And join the effort in some capacity.

I had a seminary professor who offered this advice. Find what you do best that can influence the most people for the Kingdom of God…and do it. Brilliant! And so simple. Is there a skill, talent or ability you can use for God’s glory? It doesn’t matter if someone else is better at it than you. The point is…it’s what YOU do best.

Find it and do it. And you’ll experience an even greater blessing by doing something you enjoy.

You’ll Find God’s Purpose Through An Eternal Perspective

Most of God’s ways are beyond our comprehension. Because God is eternal. And so is His purpose for you and this universe.

Therefore, a search for purpose must be viewed from an eternal perspective. By faith. Keeping in mind that God’s ultimate purpose includes all humanity and the entire cosmos.

So if your perspective considers only yourself and life on earth, you should think much bigger. Or the purpose you find will be limited at best. And at worst, completely miss the many blessings and opportunities God has planned for you.

Does God have a special purpose for you? Perhaps. On the other hand, He may simply expect you to respond faithfully to what is revealed in His word.

In humble satisfaction that it is more than enough.

About Chip Tudor:

Chip Tudor is a freelance copywriter, published author, playwright and pastor. He publishes drama at, books on, and articles on his blog.

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