Three Bible Precepts For Life Success

Three Bible Precepts For Life Success

Three Bible Precepts for life success. The Bible speaks a lot on the meaning and path to life success. Here are three precepts it teaches. Oddly, I did not come by them through deep scriptural study although they are clearly taught in the Bible.

But from a remark my orthopedic surgeon made during an office visit as we planned for my upcoming total knee replacement surgery.

He said there are three parts to a successful surgery. My part, your part and God’s part, I apply my surgical skills, you do the rehabilitative work, and God provides the healing. Here’s how it applies to all aspects of life.

Three Bible Precepts For Life Success. You have to do the work

In physical rehab, no pain, no gain is a reality. As someone that’s undergone multiple knee surgeries and both shoulders I know this personally. You have to push through painful physical therapy to insure full range of motion and regain strength. Otherwise, you may still get better, but likely end up with physical limitations.

Successful athletes, entrepreneurs, and top leaders will agree. Professional success takes personal initiative, accepts personal responsibility and does the work. Period. No excuses. Looking for others to blame. Demanding exceptions. But pursuing the idea that persistence pays. And then facing adversity, finding workable solutions, and pushing forward.

It’s a battle against our sin nature

It’s natural to seek the easy path. Gravitate towards security, comfort, and pleasure. Find the quick and convenient. Because this is part of our human sin nature. Work ethic, however, is learned. It pushes past immediate gratification and perseveres for a greater reward.

And this same challenge is presented to Christ-followers too. Although we are saved by faith and don’t work FOR salvation, we are told by Paul to work OUT our salvation. In other words, to actively pursue a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Live a life of obedience to God’s word. Labor for the Kingdom of God and produce fruit.

 Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few;  therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” (ESV, Matthew 9:37-38)

Three Bible Precepts For Life Success. You have to rely on others

I needed a skilled orthopedic doctor for knee replacement surgery. And I was totally dependent on my wife who worked full time, took over all my regular home tasks and still managed to care for me physically during the first two weeks following surgery.

The point is, every success story includes the contributions of other people. Parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors who support you along the way. Along with co-workers whose strengths balance your weaknesses in building successful organizations.

For Christ-followers, this community of “others” is the church. It is where we find encouragement, support, and accountability. But it takes more than once a week worship attendance. And requires intentionally building relationships through church related groups, activities, and ministries. Where you both give and receive.

Three Bible Precepts For Life Success. You have to recognize God is sovereign

Although knee replacement surgeries are fairly routine, nothing can be taken for granted. Blood clots, infections, and other complications are beyond human control. Ultimately, God provides healing. And so I believe, exercise faith, and pray for God’s sovereign will to do so.

Because scripture teaches that God is faithful and trustworthy. His word is true. And in His sovereignty, He fully commands and directs this world towards a conclusion.

To me, life without this assurance of God is unbounded, lacks moral consistency, and meaningful purpose. With no sense of life beyond this life then what’s the point of success anyway?

Furthermore, a sovereign God provides the one thing you can’t get anywhere else. And with it a perspective that sees beyond every success and failure in life. An eternal hope.

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Boat sailor find and follow your company captain

For business success, find and follow your company captain.

The year 2020 demonstrated yet again how little we control the world around us. So, be cautious about spending 2021 reading or listening to every good idea to protect your team against the next unknown.  

There are too many good ideas and not enough time, energy, and personnel to implement them all. Worse, some good ideas press against others. So if you commit to a decentralized, remote workforce, then management by walking around must be redefined for effectiveness. Likely there’s a better metaphor for the type of management you’ll need than walking around.  

Find And Follow Your Company Captain Who Demonstrates Convictions

Leaders need convictions – a commitment to certain core principles that inform values and guide decision-making. This is not an unwillingness to ever change course or a refusal to admit they are wrong, but it is a presumption in favor of these principles. For example, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, DISC, Enneagram – each is a great personality assessment.

My personal conviction is that Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is the best assessment to use in the context of family, DISC in the context of employment, and Enneagram in the context of young adults looking to understand themselves. That could change, but I am not searching each day for a new assessment to use. I use these until I am persuaded that there is a better one for the purpose I am pursuing.

Find And Follow Your Company Captain Who Is Service Focused

Rather than sell products I focus on serving actual customer needs. I don’t care if we follow the precise guidelines of a framework (Supernova, EOS/Traction, Good to Great, StrengthFinders 2.0); I care that we adapt the framework to their needs. We don’t serve the frameworks, the frameworks provide support to us.  

How do you begin?

Start by writing down your core principles, your convictions, and consider how they inform your values and guide your decision-making. If the results are ill-defined, chaotic, or contradictory, then you will need to refine your convictions. Once you establish your principles, then focus on living them out more fully and effectively until you recognize a need to add to or adapt them further.  

Life is too short to be a research project.

You need to live. Start with the materials you have. Tap into the wise counsel of others.

Begin using the good ideas you find compelling and fit them to your organization without worrying that there’s another good, possibly better, idea that you’re missing. Think of convictions as the captain of your ship. As long as you train sailors, you can spend time searching for those capable of being captain. And, while port is safe, ships are meant for open water.

Once you set sail, your captain must be in place. This will be someone selected from among many good candidates and you can never be sure that your selection is best. But when storms burst upon you and threaten your intended course, you will have a capable leader. You won’t be scrambling to identify and select a leader when you are least able to focus – in the midst of the storm. Keep training your captain while at sea. (Refine your convictions while on your journey.)

Don’t attempt to perfect them before you’re willing to set sail. Instead of focusing on keeping your team safe from life’s unknowns, prepare them to meet and manage through those challenges while continuing to your destination.

Find And Follow Your Company Captain Who Stays On Course

The leaders whose teams continued on course despite all that 2020 hurled at them, began the year with clear convictions, with a company captain in place. Others recognized, too late, that they lacked a captain or were still searching for the best candidate from among an endless supply of possibilities. We don’t know what 2021 will bring, but we can be prepared if we find and follow our captain!  

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