When God’s People Pray He Does Crazy, Amazing Things

When God’s People Pray He Does Crazy, Amazing Things

When God’s people pray He does crazy, amazing things, This was impressed on me when I attended Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. Here’s my story.

When God’s people pray He does crazy, amazing things. Especially when we pray in agreement.

I was a first semester seminary student in a Survey of the New Testament class. The professor was about to start class with a prayer and asked if anyone had a prayer request. A woman raised her hand and requested prayer for a friend. Her friend was married to a man who graduated last year and they had moved to California to plant a church.

The woman said he turned down the opportunity to pastor an established church in Texas to follow this calling and didn’t even have support from the Home Mission Board or other parachurch organizations. His plan was simply to canvass neighborhoods, knock on doors, and build a church from the ground up.

So the woman asked us as followers of Christ and future ministry workers to pray. She didn’t say it, but it was written all over her face. The guy was crazy.

When God’s people pray He does crazy, amazing things. Especially when we follow His leading

I related to the guy and was living it myself. A midwestern boy from Cincinnati, Ohio who had traveled to Fort Worth, Texas to attend seminary. When I felt God calling me to ministry I met with my Southern Baptist church pastor who advised me that seminary was the appropriate step for me to take. Southern Seminary was just down the road in Louisville, Kentucky, but I sensed God leading me to Southwestern.

So here I was staying with the friend of a friend. An outsider in this foreign land of Texas where common wardrobe included cowboy boots and hats. And a new language that called long distance a “fur piece” and a crowd of people “Y’all.”

I think my family and friends thought I was a bit crazy too.

But I’ve learned since then that trusting God and exercising faith often appear that way. Just consider Joshua and the Israelites marching around the walls of Jericho for seven days and Gideon taking on a Midianite army of thousands with 300 men carrying torches and blowing trumpets.

What crazy ways to wage war!

Joshua and Gideon both probably felt a little foolish following God’s direction, but they obeyed anyway. And God amazingly delivered on His promise. If this man was truly following God’s will in this church plant, then I believed God would provide. So I joined with everyone else in the class and prayed for him.

When Christians pray God unleashes His power

It was several years later after I graduated from seminary and began working in church ministry that I heard about a growing church in California that was gaining attention in the Southern Baptist Convention. And the name of the pastor was the guy we prayed for in that seminary class.

The church he planted was thriving and growing like…well, crazy.

I was still in Texas and serving at a church too. Nothing sensational like his ministry, But he had followed God’s leading and so had I and that was the important thing. We both went beyond our comfort zone and responded to God in obedience.

I celebrated what God was doing in his ministry. And I smiled to myself as I remembered the distress in the woman’s voice in that seminary class sharing her prayer request.

I’m sure our class prayer was only one of thousands that was lifted up to God on his behalf.

And I remember how the professor smiled at the woman with love and wisdom. That said he also knew we served an Almighty God.

“What’s your friend’s name?” he asked.

“Her name is Kay,” the woman replied. “And her husband’s name is Rick Warren.”

In case you don’t know, Rick planted Saddleback Community Church in Lake Forest, California and later authored the best seller The Purpose Driven Life. He pastored Saddleback until he retired in 2022. Today it averages over 20,000 people in weekly attendance.

Crazy and amazing, right?

Chip Tudor is an author, blogger and professional writer. He publishes books, humorous Christian drama, and thought provoking blogs from a Christian worldview. Check out my Philippians Bible Study on amazon.

The Amazing Gift Of Biblical Forgiveness

The Amazing Gift Of Biblical Forgiveness

The amazing gift of Biblical Forgiveness is seriously misunderstood and highly underrated. Although Biblical forgiveness might seem hard, it benefits you in both this life and the next. Here’s how.

The Amazing Gift Of Biblical Forgiveness Is God’s Gift To You

God loves and forgives. And He offers that forgiveness with no strings attached. For this life and the next.

That is the most amazing…the most liberating message of the Gospel. That God doesn’t just love us. He wants an eternal relationship with us. And through Biblical forgiveness, we are released from the bondage of sin.

Sin is what weighs you down. Separates you from God. And makes Him seem distant. But He’s not. And you’ll discover that when the wall of sin comes down.

The Amazing Gift Of Biblical Forgiveness Is Your Gift To Others

The amazing gift of Biblical Forgiveness is not to be kept for yourself. But to share with others.

And honestly? This may seem daunting. Perhaps, you may even think, impossible. Because pain can run deep. And some ugly wounds appear beyond healing. But they aren’t.

Because all things are possible with God.

In fact, God doesn’t just ask us to forgive others. He expects it. Not in our own strength. But through the power of His grace.

And in the same way that He sets us free, we in turn, can set others free. So that we all experience joy.

Biblical Forgiveness Is Your Gift To Yourself

Now that just sounds weird. Why would the victim…the one hurt, need to be set free? After all. You’re innocent! You didn’t ask to be injured. Violated. And besides, set free from what?

The fact is, that even as an innocent victim, over time, the pain can change into bitterness and resentment. Turning your heart dark. Robbing you of joy. Shutting you off from God’s love. Holding you captive.

And it eventually becomes your sin. Your prison.

But forgiveness releases it. Reopens your heart to give and receive God’s love. And restores your relationship with Him and others.

The truth? Forgiveness is not easy. Or instantaneous. But an ongoing process of turning the pain and bitterness over to God. And as you do, God’s Spirit restores and revitalizes your heart. Changing it now and forever.

About Chip Tudor:

Chip Tudor is a freelance copywriter, published author, playwright and pastor. He publishes drama at www.chiptudor.com, books on Amazon.com, and articles on his blog.

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