The Bible speaks about finding your why. That search for meaning. A sense of purpose. Your mission or calling.

It’s a journey that is essentially, a spiritual experience. And open to all who follow its instructions. Here are three Biblical approaches for finding yours.

The Bible’s Approach To Finding Your Why Has An Eternal Perspective

The Bible teaches that life does not end on earth but stretches into eternity. Heaven and Hell are real places and everyone makes a personal choice that determines their destination.

Although when your worldview ends with this life, then everything in this life increases in importance. And is further complicated by the urgency to accomplish it all in a lifetime compressed into years.

Like your collection of achievements and rewards. The search for meaning and significance. The scramble to check off your bucket list.

But when your mindset extends into a blissful eternity, the pressure is off. Because your sense of ongoing development, purpose and fulfillment continue.

And it’s okay if you don’t get it all together in this life. Because you have eternity to figure it out. In a quality of life that is new and improved.

And this anticipation fuels your endurance on earth. And inspires you with hope.

The Bible’s Approach To Finding Your Why Looks Outward Rather Than Inward

Modern culture encourages you to look within yourself. Get in touch with your feelings. Find your inner strength. Claim what you deserve.

However, the Bible teaches the exact opposite. To look outward rather than inward. Find strength from God, not yourself. Give rather than receive.

It’s radical, contradictory teaching that makes you wonder if Jesus was even sane. He even had the audacity to demand complete allegiance to his teachings.

And claim only those prepared to lose themselves would find themselves. Crazy ideas. Preposterous principles.

And even more bizarre? Still gaining millions of followers for over 2,000 years.

The Bible’s Approach To Finding Your Why Finds It Within God’s Greater Plan

Jesus made it clear that his why was not to establish his own agenda. But to follow the will of his Father.

And while the Bible says he had divine rights, he gave them up to follow his Father’s plan.

A mission not of his choosing. But of sacrifice. Of submission. To save the world.

Submission is practically unheard of today. We prefer to celebrate…even demand our individual rights. And yet, Jesus claimed that path leads to bondage, but his way sets you free.

And so, by imitating him. By submitting to God and seeking His will. You will discover the Biblical path to finding your why.

It’s a radical approach. A narrow road. Simple, but not easy. Yet, leads to spiritual life that is amazing. Spectacular. And eternal.

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