If the Easter story is real then it has an important meaning. One that extends from life on earth into eternity. It is this hope that millions of followers of Jesus live for. Many have died for. And why if the Easter story about a resurrected Savior is real, it should get your attention. Here are three meanings for you to consider.

If The Easter story is real it means God is pursuing you

The Easter story presents a radical idea. One you won’t find in any other religion or spiritual philosophy. That an Almighty God created you and loves you so deeply he came to earth in human form to tell you. Even more, demonstrated that love through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Other world religions and spiritual philosophies require you to pursue or placate a god. Unravel a spiritual mystery, or by your own effort, acquire some form of Godhood. Only in Christianity does God reveal himself, pursue you and declares it in his Word.

So if it’s real, then maybe you should stop running from, or ignoring God. And turn to meet him.

If the Easter story is real it means God has a plan for you

There’s a serious reason God is pursuing you and not waiting for you to reach him. Because you can’t. Scripture says it’s our sin that separates us from God. And only God can solve the problem.

That’s why Jesus came. To sacrifice himself and set us free from sin. It’s God’s eternal plan for you. To experience his freedom, forgiveness and to follow Jesus in a spiritual life of meaning and significance.

But it’s something you must want. Ask for. And receive from Jesus, the resurrected savior.

And when you do he leads you on a new path. Not always easy or pain free. But purposeful, joyful and totally worth it.

If the Easter story is real it means God has a future for you

But it’s not automatic. You must respond to God. Ask for a relationship with Jesus, and follow him. And the journey he leads you on is everlasting. In fact, one of the last things Jesus told his disciples on earth is that he was going ahead to prepare for them.

Because if Jesus was raised from the dead and appeared on earth in a resurrected body, then you can trust his promise that he will resurrect you too.

Easter was the fulfillment of Jesus’ mission. His crowning achievement. And while much of the world has mixed opinions, emotions, and beliefs about the Easter story, followers of Jesus are celebrating.

And why we proclaim with excitement on Easter Sunday: HE HAS RISEN INDEED!

About Chip Tudor:

Chip Tudor is an author, blogger and freelance copywriter. He publishes humorous Christian drama, books and thought provoking blogs from a Christian worldview.