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There are good reasons for writing comedy skits for church. They can be used to support a sermon theme in church worship services or provide entertainment for other church programs.

You may think writing comedy skits for church is about inspiration… the creative muse.

Not to downplay creativity, but writing comedy church skits also involves work. You’ll find this is true of humor writing in general.

The Advantage of Writing Comedy Skits For Church

But there’s a spiritual payoff in writing comedy. Because people in the congregation often raise a protective guard around their heart.

Get people laughing, however and they will lower that guard. And in that brief moment, you can slip in a spiritual message. So I always strive for humor that communicates a clear, spiritual point. Because you don’t want to squander that spiritual opportunity.

It’s easy to become preoccupied with writing funny one liners. And I admit. It’s a rush when the congregation breaks up in laughter over a funny line I’ve written.

The most effective way to write impactful comedy church skits, however, is by creating funny characters in funny situations so the comedy flows naturally.

Still, when writing comedy church skits for church worship services, I hammer out a number of one line jokes because creating laughter from a funny line in a skit is a powerful elixir.

The process I use for writing jokes and funny lines is actually painstaking and tedious. It involves creating lists using a standard dictionary, Thesaurus and homonym dictionary as tools.

Let’s work through the joke writing process in writing comedy skits for church

Since we’re writing for a church worship service, let’s take a common spiritual subject-eternal life. Keep in mind these lists are for illustration. Your actual lists should be much, much longer and possibly broken into sub-categories.

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Topical List of words


Next write clichés and common phrases related to eternal life

Clichés & Phrases

Do some soul searching
Passed away
A match made in heaven

Now identify synonyms, antonyms and homonyms to the list of words you’ve written.


Fire = flame
death = expire


Heaven – hell
death – life


Hymns = him’s

Now mix, match and combine phrases and words to create funny lines. Here are some possibilities.

When it comes to death, we’re all in grave danger

Our funeral services are gender neutral… we quit singing hymns

Hell is an eternal flame from a match made in heaven

An atheist is someone who tried soul searching and came up empty

Writing jokes and funny lines for comedy skits takes time, effort and patience. But it pays off when an actor delivers a funny line and the congregation roars with laughter. Or even better, someone is impacted by the message presented.

Hopefully though, no one will actually die laughing in the middle of your church worship service.

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