Although the Bible is largely dismissed by modern culture, Biblical truth is especially relevant today. Here are four reasons why.

Biblical Truth Creates a System of Fairness and Equality

The Bible teaches that absolute truth is established by an omnipotent God. Right and wrong are clearly defined. And the same moral standards apply to everyone. Since God is sovereign, all earthly authorities submit to Him.

This creates order and stability for a civilized society. A level playing field of acceptable behavior for all. No one can arbitrarily make up their own rules. Take their ball and go home. Rewrite the script according to their story. And God, a perfect judge, establishes the rules of fairness and has the final say.

Without a transcending authority, things get complicated. How do we even define truth? Because as imperfect, finite beings, it is impossible to get outside ourselves. To understand a reality beyond our subjective experience. And create an objective definition of truth. Much less devise consistent, universal rules.

Biblical Truth Provides A Common Reference Point

Since Biblical truth is absolute, it is unchangeable and forms a common reference point for social behavior. We can accept it or reject it. But rejection brings consequences. For example, I can reject the law of gravity. Refuse to believe it. Then step off the roof of a 10-story building in defiance to the rule. And suffer the consequence.

Biblical truth provides a solid foundation on which to build a safe society. We live by shared rules and a common understanding of what is fair. What is right. What is acceptable. And this fosters trust.

But without a higher, final authority, everyone makes up their own rules. You can’t build trust. You can’t maintain order.

And what happens when you can’t build trust and maintain order?

You barricade your homes and buy guns.

Biblical Truth Reflects the Real World

Relative truth is popular when it comes to morality. Because the Bible is pretty specific about morally appropriate and inappropriate conduct. It encourages certain behavior. Discourages some. Prohibits others. This restricts certain pleasures. Cramps our style. And when we break the rules, we don’t just feel guilty. We are guilty. And nobody likes that.

But in the real world there are absolute laws governed by absolute truth. Created by God. Like a true north and south for navigation. True laws of physics, mathematics and science for guiding construction, developing advanced technology and formulating medicine.

No one questions these truths. We accept and use them to advance society and improve our quality of life.

Is it really such a stretch to say the universe is also governed by an absolute, moral truth? And it too, impacts our quality of life?

Biblical Truth Sets You Free

Jesus claimed to be the truth that sets you free. As well as the Son of God and the only way to reach God.

Isn’t this the most outrageous claim ever?

Pretty brazen when you think about it. Or maybe crazy. Or cunningly deceitful. But worth thoughtfully considering. Because if his claim is true it has profound significance for the entire world.

To deny the existence of objective truth beyond human experience creates a dilemma. It forever traps you within your experience. Freedom and hope are illusions.

Because true freedom requires trusting in an absolute, transcendent God.

And in the ultimate sense of irony. Or perhaps the ultimate sense of divine humor. This freedom starts with belief. Through a step of faith. Where it becomes an experience. One that is liberating and spiritually transforming.

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