Three reasons absolute truth matters. The Bible is God’s word and therefore, His absolute truth. It doesn’t revise to reflect changes in cultural attitudes or personal moral preferences. But things work better when we conform to its teaching and here’s why it matters.

Three reasons absolute truth matters. It reflects the real world.

Physical laws govern our universe. Like the north and south pole we use for navigation. Laws of physics, mathematics, and science for construction, developing technology, and formulating medicine. And of course, an atmosphere and gravity. Or we all would have already floated off into space…holding our breaths.

We depend on these laws for existence. And rely on them to manufacture things that improve our quality of life.

And there’s a moral reality too. We see it the moment someone cuts ahead of us in a waiting line and we object. “Hey, that’s not fair!” But wait. How do we instinctively and immediately know that? How do even young children know that when another child snatches a toy from them it’s wrong? Because we inherently know the same God who set physical laws also established moral laws based on absolute truth.

And obedience or disobedience to these laws also affects our quality of life. In short, as everyone willingly follows God’s moral laws, it produces a more peaceful, harmonious, and civil society.

Three reasons absolute truth matters. It creates a uniform code of conduct.

The sum of your word is truth, and every one of your righteous rules endures forever. (ESV, Psalm 119:160)

My truth. Your truth. Relative truth. Sounds good in ideological theory because it suits everyone’s personal taste. Besides, no one likes someone else telling them what to do. But it’s an impossible reality. How do you navigate billions of individual truths? However, absolute, Biblical truth provides common rules of expected behavior for everyone.

God doesn’t give us rules to oppress human desires, but guard rail them in order to promote human flourishing. Because taking my neighbor’s belongings–his property or wife–incites conflict and pain that extends beyond the two of us. However, assisting him with a home repair promotes goodwill that might return to me when I need help.

In addition, Biblical teachings on what is right, acceptable, and fair promote trust since God’s absolute truth is completely trustworthy. And they inform us when behavior goes out of bounds. Otherwise, we all make up our own rules, which means you can’t build trust or maintain order. Then what? You form alliances, build barricades, and buy guns.

Three reasons absolute truth matters. It’s an exclusive path that sets you free.

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (ESV, John 14:6)

Isn’t this the most outrageous claim ever? Jesus says he is the EXCLUSIVE path to God and heaven.

Pretty arrogant when you think about it. Or crazy. Or cunningly deceitful. But worth thoughtfully considering. Because if his claim is true it has profound significance for the entire world.

 If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. (ESV, John 8:32)

Wow. Not only is Jesus exclusive, he is the embodiment of truth itself. But sets us free from what?

And the answer is from sin. We are born into it. Immersed in it. And oppressed by it. But don’t even know it until freed from it.

To deny the existence of objective truth beyond human experience creates a dilemma. Without a transcendent God who establishes truth, you are forever trapped within your subjective experience. Unable to get outside of that subjectivity and objectively define truth. Therefore, freedom and hope are illusions. With no sense of stability. No foundation to stand on.

Because true freedom requires trusting in an absolute, transcendent God.

And in God’s divine providence, this freedom starts with belief. Through a step of faith. That embarks on a new, spiritual reality of following Jesus. One that is liberating and completely transforming.

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