In the midst of our country’s current unrest, an important fabric has been torn. Have you noticed?

It’s trust.

Trust lets me drive on the right side of the road and know you as an oncoming driver will do the same. And we smile and wave passing safely on our side of the road. At least I smile and wave. You might be texting.

Trust allows a free, civilized society to maintain order. To remain, well, civilized. Without it, that social order is at risk.

But perhaps, what’s really troubling us is a spiritual trust issue. One that penetrates deep within the human heart. And concerns spiritual questions of purpose, meaning and existence.

So here are three questions to measure your spiritual trust factor.

In What Are You Placing Your Spiritual Trust?

Beyond trusting me to stay on my side of the road. And perhaps refrain from texting while driving, what are you trusting? Money? A job? A political party? A skill-set? The government? A religion or philosophy?

As a Christ-follower, I trust an almighty God who has my best interest in mind. He is the only one who is completely, spiritually trustworthy.

Sure, there are things in this world that provide a level of security. But never completely. There are no guarantees. There’s always some doubt. Did I do enough? Have enough? Check all the boxes?

Scripture says God has a sovereign plan. And He’s moving us towards it. You might even sense the pace is quickening. The signs of something looming more visible. Maybe you’re even feeling a bit nervous and uncertain.

Scripture says no amount of good works will qualify me FOR God’s love and no amount of bad behavior will disqualify me FROM God’s love. That’s comforting because I’m pretty sure my bad outweighs the good. How about you? The good news is that God’s grace covers all who respond and accept it.

That’s a spiritual trust that leads to spiritual peace.

How Proven Is The Source Of Your Spiritual Trust?

The Bible is the source of absolute truth for Christ-followers. And it’s hard to get more spiritually trustworthy than absolute.

The Bible has been scrutinized, analyzed and dissected more than any other document in the world. It’s historical accuracy is supported by archeology. It bats a thousand on hundreds of fulfilled prophecies. It’s been around for over 2,000 years and withstood all claims of error.

From a human perspective, no other document in the world comes anywhere close in credibility, accuracy and reliability. Not one offers a higher level of spiritual trust.

How Reliable Is The Object Of Your Spiritual Trust?

My grandparents owned a farm with a pond. In the winter, when freezing temperatures froze the water, we ice skated on it. But you couldn’t tell how thick the ice was just by looking at it. You had to test it.

And the level of trust you demonstrated in testing the ice didn’t matter.

You could march boldly onto thin ice and fall through. Or inch out cautiously on thick ice that easily supported your weight. What mattered was the trustworthiness of the ice. The object you trusted.

For Christ followers, that object is Jesus Christ. He claims to be the way, the truth and the life. The key to eternal life. The Son of God. But you can’t just believe in him. You have to spiritually trust him.

And when you do, it’s a game changer. One with an eternal impact.

About Chip Tudor:

Chip Tudor is a freelance copywriter, published author, playwright and pastor. He publishes drama at, books on, and articles on his blog.