The Prodigal Son Bible Parable On Lost and Found is recorded in Luke 15:11-32. Here are three lessons it teaches.

The Prodigal Son Bible Parable on lost and found teaches God let’s you decide for yourself

The story involves a father and son and illustrates the relationship God desires with you and me. He is a heavenly Father that wants a personal relationship with each one of us. In the story however, the son thinks only of himself. He demands his inheritance in order to leave home, live independently, and pursue his own desires.

It reveals the truth of our sinful, selfish, human nature that puts “me” first. And the lustful desires and passions that lure us away from our heavenly Father’s love and care.

The father in the story was under no obligation to grant the son an inheritance before his death. But did so out of love. Why? Because he wanted his son to willingly choose a relationship with him. It is the same with you and me. God won’t force himself on us. We all choose to accept or reject a relationship with him. And to ignore him or say that’s a decision you will make later is to reject him.

The Prodigal Son Bible parable on lost and found teaches you must recognize your sinful condition

When the son leaves, the story focuses exclusively on him and the father is out of the picture. But is he?

Now the son follows his passions without restraint. But the pursuit of hedonistic pleasure has consequences. He eventually runs out of money and has to find work, although he is still hungry and miserable. And it makes you wonder. What if the supply of money hadn’t run out? Would the son have returned home or simply lived a party lifestyle the rest of his life?

The same question applies today. How long will people chase the illusion of hedonistic pleasure? Yes, it seems great at first. Because as long as you can keep the fun going–one pleasurable moment followed by another–you can numb the pain and ignore the emptiness. But it eventually catches up with you. And grows stale like old cigar smoke.

And only when you reach rock bottom physically, emotionally or spiritually do you see the reality of your condition. God is the last resort when you are all out of options. Which is what happens in the story. The son finally comes to his senses as he suffers the most deplorable conditions and turns back to his father.

The Prodigal Son Bible story teaches God waits eagerly for your return

When the father sees his son returning in the distance, he rushes to meet him. He doesn’t condemn or chastise him for leaving. Say “I told you so.” Or even wait for the son to finish his full apology. Because he is filled with unbelievable joy that the son has returned.

Have you left God and now wonder if it was a good idea? Wonder if God still loves you? If he will still take you back? Then let this story answer your question. YES!

God is waiting for you. Eager for your return. But it has to be your choice. And you must do so in humility and with a repentant heart. When you do, he will rush to meet you. And there will be a heavenly celebration.

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