The fiction novel Finding Grace is a Christian Detective novel. It is the second book in my series that began with Soul Pursuit. The main character is Jack Sterling, a former Navy SEAL, who works as a private detective for Glenn Howard, a retired Brigadier General. The story takes place in Dayton, Ohio.

The fiction novel Finding Grace involves a plot to find a missing person

In Soul Pursuit, Jack confronts Christianity for the first time. He resists it at first, but eventually faces a spiritual crises and makes the decision to follow Jesus Christ. In Finding Grace, Jack begins to learn how to live out his new faith in daily life.

Jack is hired to find Grace Miller, a freshman at the University of Dayton who is missing. And judging by the leads he uncovers, her journey follows a degrading path of moral decline.

Can he find her? And if so, in what condition?

The fiction novel Finding Grace follows the theme of God’s grace

We all mess up. The Bible calls it sin. And clearly communicates God’s grace as the solution to sin. So talking about God’s grace offers people hope. But experiencing God’s grace is transformational.

And this theme of grace is explored throughout the novel through characters and dialogue.

It appears Grace is in trouble. Will she experience that transformational grace or is Jack too late?

The fiction novel Finding Grace involves a sub-plot about Paxco, LLC.

Soul Pursuit also introduces the mysterious Paxco, LLC. It is buying up all the property on his street and Jack wants to know why. But the novel ends with that mystery unsolved. However, in Finding Grace, Jack is determined to find out.

Because now, only two neighbors remain on his street. And one of them is receiving foreclosure notices from the bank.

But learning who the owners are turns out to be harder than expected. And a greater threat than to just his neighborhood.

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