Restart A Purpose Filled Life With These Five Crucial Connections

Restart A Purpose Filled Life With These Five Crucial Connections

Restart a purpose filled life in 2022 by making crucial connections. Especially if you’re reflecting on life decisions and making resolutions for the New Year. Here are five connections for you to consider.

Restart A Purpose Filled Life By Connecting To Your Physical Health

Of course you expected this one. Because your physical health affects so many areas of well-being. Your strength, energy and activity level. Positive outlook. Self-concept. And more. But it requires perseverance. Self-discipline. A bit of stubbornness.

Need some inspiration? Here are two real life examples I observe regularly at my workout facility.

An 80+ year old man that hobbles in on crutches every day. Climbs on a stationary bike and rides. Then hobbles out when he’s finished. He never complains. And always smiles and gives me a friendly greeting.

An engaged couple. The woman’s legs severely injured in an auto accident. The man brings her in a wheel chair early in the morning several times a week to the indoor pool. Where she can stand in the water and they exercise together in the shallow end.

The point is you don’t have to run marathons or lift massive weights to benefit from exercise. Do what you can. Something. No matter how small it seems. It makes a difference.

Restart A Purpose Filled Life By Connecting To Your Mind

Your mind is a mental muscle. A cognitive, conundrum solver. Reasoning reservoir. And designed for regular use. So engage in thought practices that go for walks around the intellectual block.

Because your brain is the most awesome computer ever created. Pliable and dynamic. A renewable resource with amazing, conceptual capacity and restoration power.

So read books. Listen to podcasts. Solve puzzles. Engage in creative enterprise.

In other words, think regularly.

Restart A Purpose Filled Life By Connecting To God

You are created by God for a relationship with God. It’s your original design. Your ultimate purpose. And you will never fully realize it outside of God. So if God is non-existent in your life, or has taken a back seat, it’s the most critical connection you can make.

Fortunately, God always welcomes you back.

The connection process is the same as in other relationships. Admit you were wrong. Ask forgiveness. And proactively invest time in renewing the relationship.

Here’s a simple suggestion: Spend 15 minutes a day reading through the Gospel of John. Ask God to speak to you. Write your thoughts down in a notebook. Then speak to Him.

You see? It’s not that complicated.

And you’ll be amazed how this time spent with God centers you. Calms you. And changes your perspective on life.

Restart A Purpose Filled Life By Connecting To God’s People

Mass isolation during the pandemic taught us an important lesson. We are not designed for isolation, but for community.

Sure. Some are introverts and others extroverts. But none of us do well alone for extended periods of time.

Online church served a purpose. And so did connecting through Social media, Facetime and Zoom. But none of them take the place of live, face-to-face, interpersonal relationships.

So find togetherness in community. In neighborhoods, clubs, social and civic organizations. And my absolute favorite. The church.

It’s the Bride of Christ. God’s chosen community for His called out ones. A place of belonging, encouragement, support and accountability.

Reconnecting with God and living a godly life is best accomplished among others who share that desire. So if you are not involved in a church, I highly recommend it.

Restart A Purpose Filled Life By Connecting To Serving Others

The universe is vast. Perhaps infinite. And you are not the center of it. So a purposed filled life connects to a greater purpose. And looks beyond itself by considering and addressing the needs of others. Which is why Jesus commands us to love others as we love ourselves.

Because a self-absorbed life will miss the big picture. And always struggle to find purpose and meaning.

By serving others you experience real humility. The joy of contributing to human flourishing. And are better able to see and appreciate your own blessings.

These connections are not difficult. But do require honest introspection, persistence, and resolve. But then, isn’t that what a resolution is all about?

About Chip Tudor:

Chip Tudor is a freelance copywriter, published author, playwright and pastor. He publishes drama at, books on, and articles on his blog.

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