Three Attributes Of A Biblically Mastered Mind

Three Attributes Of A Biblically Mastered Mind

A Biblically mastered mind intentionally manages what thoughts get in and stay. It’s active rather than reactive. Because it’s amazing what happens when you put your mind to it. Here are three attributes of a Biblically mastered mind.


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the central message of the Bible. It’s the good news of Christ’s redeeming sacrifice and gift of eternal life. And everything in the life of a Christ-follower revolves around it.

So a Biblically mastered mind remains centered on it. Because it’s the key to freedom, joy and transformation.

Yes. Life on earth can still be tough. Hard. Unfair. Ugly. And sin will always tempt to lead you astray.

But the Gospel settles your mind with the certainty of God’s sovereignty. And creates calm in the middle of chaos as you manage the challenges of daily life with an eternal perspective. Where God’s will is ultimately fulfilled.


Behavior is seldom completely random and impulsive. It begins with a thought. And those thoughts stew in your mind as rehearsals for actions.

But a Biblically mastered mind recognizes that your will controls the mind and not the other way around. So you can direct those mental rehearsals in a positive manner by…

Taking your thoughts captive

Thoughts enter your mind in a variety of ways. Some positive. Some negative. And you can’t always control what comes in. But you can control whether or not you let them dwell. And for how long. Rather than trying NOT to think about them. Replace them with other thoughts.

Renewing your mind

God’s Spirit will renew your mind as you turn it over to Him. And He accomplishes that best when you saturate your mind with His word. Spending regular time reading and meditating on the Bible makes a huge difference in managing your thought life.

Experiencing God’s mercy

We’ll never reach perfection in this life. So we will win some sinful thought battles and lose others. But when we confess our sin and ask for God’s forgiveness, He covers us with His mercy.

Our minds can reset. And start over with each new day.


Peace in a Biblical worldview is more than inner tranquility or lack of conflict. It is based in right relationships. So a Biblically mastered mind doesn’t reach within for peace. It reaches up to God. Because Biblical peace is not an ideology you attain. It is the spiritual presence of God in your life.

You begin by recognizing your relationship with God is out of whack because of sin. And it is mended through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That’s what puts you right with God. This in turn, promotes better relationships with other people. And leads to a real and lasting peace.

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