It’s hard for many people to make sense of Biblical redemption. The idea of redemption seems strange. Redeemed? From what?

So here are three understandings to help you make sense of redemption from a Biblical perspective.

To Make Sense of Biblical Redemption You Must Understand The World Is Broken

Wow! News flash, right? Like you can’t figure that out yourself?

Countries fighting. Political parties fighting. Deadly diseases. Name calling. Finger pointing. Road rage. And everywhere you look, people are uptight, fearful and disconnected.

Yep. The world is broken. People are broken. You and I are broken.

The Bible says that sin causes the brokenness. We’re all guilty of it. And there’s nothing any of us can do to fix it.

The good news is…God could and did.

To Make Sense Of Biblical Redemption You Must Understand It Has A Cost

God fixed the problem with sin. And He offers salvation as a free gift. But it cost something. I’m sure you understand that. Nothing is ever completely free. Somehow…some way…someone picks up the tab.

And in the case of Biblical redemption, it’s God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

Why Jesus?

Because the penalty for sin is spiritual death. Which is separation from God. And since God’s standard is perfection, the sacrifice must be perfect. And Jesus Christ–the only one to live a perfect life–is the only one who qualifies.

You Must Understand That Biblical Redemption Involves A Transaction

So to make sense of Biblical redemption you must understand the general meaning of redemption. It is the payment that secures a release.

For example, when you shop with a product coupon, the store cashier takes the coupon in exchange for the product. In other words, The cashier redeems the coupon.

And Biblical redemption works the same way. Jesus Christ sacrificed himself…died in my place…to redeem me. And you too.

At the same time, many people believe in Jesus. That he’s the Son of God. And he died for our sins. But belief alone is not enough.

You must complete a spiritual transaction.

Isn’t that how you redeem a coupon? You don’t tell the cashier, “I believe I can redeem this coupon for that product, but I’m keeping it instead.”

No, in order to receive the product you must make a transaction. Exchange the coupon for the product.

Biblical redemption requires the same thing. Thus, you make a transaction with Jesus. Receive his gift. And commit to following him.

That’s when you are redeemed. And your life changes forever.

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