When Jesus Healed A Woman’s Blood Disorder

When Jesus Healed A Woman’s Blood Disorder

When Jesus healed a woman’s blood disorder. It’s a story found in Luke 8:43-48 that demonstrates the compassion and care God has for every person.

When Jesus healed a woman’s blood disorder. It was a story within a story.

When Jesus healed a women’s blood disorder, he was actually on his way to heal someone else. He was responding to Jairus who was identified as a ruler of the temple. Jairus implored Jesus to go with him and heal his seriously ill daughter who was at home.

Jesus agreed and followed Jairus, pressed in closely by a crowd. And within that crowd was a woman with an incurable, blood flow condition. Down to her last penny. Her last hope. And final choice. Jesus had healed so many other people, surely he could heal her too.

Her blood flow made her ceremonially unclean. A social outcast. And she shouldn’t even be among people in a public setting. But she was desperate. Probably trying to keep a low profile and avoid calling attention to herself and blend into the crowd. But if only…if only she could get close enough…reach far enough…and just touch his clothes. That was all it would take.

When Jesus healed a woman’s blood disorder. It demonstrated that Jesus gives us his full attention

He felt the power leave him

Likely, Jairus and Jesus were in a hurry. But still, Jesus paused. He felt his divine, healing power flow out of him and wanted to know whose touch caused it. And it raises a question because in such close quarters, many people must have brushed against him. What made this touch different? In other words, why did his healing power not flow out on every random touch?

Of course, the mystery of why God miraculously heals some and not others still puzzles us today. But what is clear from the story is how deeply God individually cares about every person. He didn’t let the social status of Jairus take priority over the woman’s need. He stopped and gave her his full attention.

And it demonstrated something else. Jesus cared about her physical need, but even more about her spiritual need. Because physical healing lasts only for this life while spiritual healing lasts for eternity. So our spiritual need is always God’s greatest priority.

When Jesus healed a woman’s blood disorder. It demonstrated the power of faith

Daughter, your faith has made you well, go in peace

Jesus says what made the touch different. The woman’s action demonstrated her faith. The Bible has much to say about faith. Especially the importance of putting our faith in action. And the woman did so in a bold and risky manner. Of course, faith doesn’t guarantee a miraculous physical healing in every case. But it does guarantee a spiritual healing.

And notice that Jesus called her “daughter.” A term of endearment. Of intimate, personal relationship. And of complete acceptance and unconditional love.

The word for “peace” is the Greek eirene and primarily communicates the idea of a lack of conflict and hostility. However, the Hebrew word for peace is Shalom and carries the idea of wellbeing and a right relationship. And specifically, a right relationship with God. In other words, peace with God means you are in a right relationship with God.

That is the essence of Biblical faith. The woman’s faith in this story didn’t just heal her physically, but also spiritually in her relationship with God. And is where you experience the most complete sense of peace.

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