Exercising Faith Over Coronavirus Fear

Expressing Faith Over Fear

For many in the Co-vid global pandemic, emotions have risen to a level of panic. But followers of Jesus Christ are exercising faith over Coronavirus fear.

Not to be cavalier or careless. But to remain calm and confident.

To the non-religious, faith may seem overly simplistic. A form of hypothetical idealism. Or irrational, wishful thinking.

Yet, Christ-followers express a calm and confidence that’s undeniably real. And also appealing.

So if you’re wondering. Or curious. Or fearful enough to consider it. Here are three ways for exercising faith over Coronavirus fear.

Exercising Faith Over Coronavirus Fear Finds Security In A Sovereign God

We naturally seek to control our sense of security. First, through our individual abilities and resources. Then pursued through others like parents, family, significant others and friends.

And finally, looking to government.

But the current Coronavirus Fear has shaken that up. Even government leaders admit they don’t have all the answers. Are unsure. Can’t give complete assurance. And that is unnerving.

For it’s the ultimate reminder–no one on earth is really in control.

However, Christ-followers are confident that God IS in control. That He cares about His creation. Down to each person.

And He has an ultimate plan for our spiritual well-being that is claimed through faith.

Exercising Faith Over Coronavirus Fear Trusts In God’s Word

Followers of Jesus Christ find reassurance over Coronavirus Fear by reading and studying God’s Word.

Not a faith, based on sentimental goodwill. But informed through Biblical knowledge, understanding and spiritual wisdom.

For it is understood and lived out by scriptural teachings. Authored by a sovereign God. And demonstrated through the life and death of Jesus Christ.

In the Bible, Christ-followers find reassurance, practical instructions and how to live with purposeful meaning.

They also gain spiritual guidance through historical narratives, relevant stories and real life principles.

In other words, the Bible is a treasure chest of God’s truth.

Exercising Faith Over Coronavirus Fear Anticipates An Eternal Destination

Christ-followers view death on earth as a beginning rather than end. It’s the start of a new, eternal life in heaven. Lived in community with other Christ-followers and an awesome God.

It’s the promise Christ-followers live for. And Christian martyrs died for. Although puzzling to those outside the faith. Yet, it’s still within their reach.

Furthermore, exercising faith over Coronavirus Fear provides the most powerful force on earth. Hope. Through faith, Christ-followers possess ultimate answers and a sure path forward.

Amazing, certain and available to all who choose to exercise faith. It creates calm and confidence rather than worry and dread. 

About Chip Tudor:

Chip Tudor is a freelance copywriter, published author, playwright and pastor. He publishes drama at www.chiptudor.com, books on Amazon.com, and articles on his blog.

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  1. submitted by Kelly McGarry - on March 25 2020

    Chip, Thank you!! This is powerful!!!

    • submitted by Chip Tudor - on March 25 2020

      You’re welcome, Kelly. Thank you for the positive feedback.

  2. submitted by Connie - on March 25 2020

    Thank you for sharing Gods word and His Love for Us!! God Bless

    • submitted by Chip Tudor - on March 25 2020

      Thank you for the encouragement, Connie.

  3. submitted by Linda Myles - on March 25 2020

    Powerful words Chip. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you Cathy and the boys.

    • submitted by Chip Tudor - on March 26 2020

      Thank you for the encouragement, Linda. Stay safe.

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