Sin according to the Bible. It’s an important Christian teaching. Why? Because after Jesus Christ, it’s one of the most important Christian doctrines. In fact, it’s the reason Jesus came to earth. And understanding what scripture teaches about it will help you determine your eternal destination. So, it’s a big deal. Here’s are some things to know about sin.

Sin according to the Bible. Sin explains the existence of good, evil, and individual behavior.

The Bible teaches we are neither basically good nor evil, but sinners. Like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, sin is an individual choice because God lets us make independent decisions. Since sin gained entrance into the world through Adam and Eve, we are now born into a sinful environment with an inherent, sinful disposition that naturally favors self-interests. Although we can willfully choose to put them aside for the sake of others. Therefore, people can be altruistic or narcissistic and both behaviors are demonstrated globally.

Sin explains how good and evil exist simultaneously. As independent actors, we can make good and bad choices. And while people may get away with unjust behavior on earth, God holds us responsible for our actions and he will ultimately dispense absolute justice to everyone.

Sin according to the Bible. Satan is the greatest advocate for sin.

Angels were created before mankind. And Lucifer was one of the most beautiful and perfect ones created. The name Lucifer means “day star” or “son of the morning.” But his premier status wasn’t enough for Lucifer. He demanded equality with God and was banished from heaven.

He will also face ultimate judgment, but for now, freely roams the earth. And his number one goal? Take as many people with him as possible. Therefore, his name was changed to Satan which means “adversary.” And while he cannot make us sin, he does a masterful job deceiving us from the truth, enticing, and luring us into sinful bondage.

We can’t break free from that sinful bondage on our own. But God made a provision.

Sin according to the Bible. Jesus sacrificed himself for our sin. And he forgives us when we ask him for it.

Scripture teaches that sin eternally separates us from God, and we can’t save ourselves. Why? Because God requires absolute perfection and none of us meet that standard. But Jesus Christ, the Son of God, did. He lived a perfect life and died as a sacrifice for our sin.

This is where faith comes in. Faith is more than a religious concept. It’s required to experience forgiveness. You must believe the gospel of Jesus Christ by faith, acknowledge your sinful condition, and ask Jesus to forgive you.

You must admit, confess, and repent of sin by faith.

But don’t we all make mistakes? Yes, but sin goes beyond that. Mistakes are accidental. Sin, however, is intentional, disobedient thoughts and actions for which you are responsible. And faith is more than intellectual assent. Like belief in God and that Jesus was a real person. Faith is action that flows from convictions in your heart.

It involves confession and repentance. Repentance is more than feeling sorry for your sin. The meaning behind the Greek word is to change your mind. It means to turn away from sin and turn towards God. And strive to please him by pursuing righteousness.

Of course, you won’t always succeed. Scripture teaches that sin presents an ongoing battle within every person’s heart. Even for the most devout follower of Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul describes his own struggle with sin. But also looks forward to a final victory over it.

This is the hope for a follower of Jesus. To celebrate forgiveness from sin and move forward in Christ toward an eternal prize.

Chip Tudor is an author, blogger and professional writer. He publishes books, humorous Christian drama, and thought provoking blogs from a Christian worldview.

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