Get’er done leaders oversee teams that make things happen. They…

  • Perform tasks
  • Execute programs
  • Produce deliverables

And Get’er done leaders help them do so successfully and with excellence.

Of course there are other elements too. Setting the vision, establishing goals. Followed by strategic planning, training and ongoing development.

And you have to manage resources—both people and material. But it all moves to a natural conclusion. A product, a service, a result. And whatever that is, your job is to promote forward team progress. 

Here are four Do’s to help Get’er done leaders build successful Get’er done teams.

Get’er Done Leaders Do Support Team Member Initiatives

I see leaders take an administrative, hands-off, delegation approach in working with their team members. I’m the boss. You’re the subordinate. I tell you what to do and you do it.

Now perhaps you’re thinking this is how you treat team members as professionals. Give them a job and expect them to do it. In reality however, they often have questions and uncertainties, but don’t speak up for fear of looking incompetent.

Can I be honest? That makes absolutely no sense to me.

Creating Team Success

Your primary job as a Get’er done leader is team success. And that means making yourself available to support team members as needed.  

So don’t make assumptions. And don’t wait for them to come to you. Pursue them and offer your help. And don’t be above getting your hands dirty if that’s what it takes.

Therefore, your willingness to support team members—even in menial tasks—is huge. It tells them you are genuinely rooting for their success.

Get’er Done Leaders Do Affirm Team Members Regularly

I’ve had professionals tell me they wonder if they’re doing a good job because their boss never says anything affirming about their performance. And that makes me sad. Because I know they are professionals that care about what they do and work hard to do it well.

So be the Get’er done leader you want to work for and tell them. Catch them doing something right and let them know you appreciate it.

It takes very little effort on your part to affirm your team members. It has a more powerful affect than you know. And the effects are amazing.

But don’t be vague. Just, “Hey, you’re doing a good job.” Be specific. “I really liked the professional manner you demonstrated in handling that customer.” “Your attention to detail with this account is incredible.”

When you’re specific, it tells team members that you notice.

Get’er Done Leaders Do Clear A Path For Their Team Members

As a Get’er done leader you possess more knowledge and a better understanding of the organization. You see the big picture. And you can often access resources your team members can’t. Or at least more easily than they can.

So if you want them to succeed, learn where they are struggling and remove obstacles so they can move forward.

For example. I had a team member overseeing a children’s program at church. And she needed to recruit volunteer workers. But she was new and didn’t know that many people to ask. And even when she did, she lacked influence and struggled in her recruiting effort.

Since I had been around much longer, knew more people and had accumulated a degree of influence, I stepped in to personally recruit workers for her.

As a result, she took it from there and conducted a very successful program. Another team win!

Get’er Done Leaders Do Celebrate Team Wins

People like working on winning teams in a family-like environment. And success breeds success. So it’s important to celebrate team wins. The more you celebrate, the more the wins will stack up and you’ll build a winning culture that trickles down to every level of the team!

Also, it’s important for you, the Get’er done leader, to set this agenda. And to be equitable in your relationship with team members. In order to celebrate each team member, both individually and collectively.

So focus on building a team culture of mutual support. Where no one is a prima donna, but everyone has each other’s back. That’s when you build synergy. When average people produce extraordinary results. And you accomplish things together that are greater than what you accomplish individually.

Get’er done teams do things and Get’er done leaders support their efforts. And when everyone does their part and the team works together it’s a win for the team and the organization.

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