Some claim that Christian faith and intellectual reason are mutually exclusive. You form beliefs through one or the other. But in Christianity, faith and reason actually work hand in hand. Let me explain. The argument that pits faith against reason generally goes like this: Christian faith is a subjective, religious experience that is based on little or no evidence. Reason on the other hand, involves facts. And it logically follows the evidence to intelligently reach a conclusion. In short, faith is subjective and reason is objective. Now I will be the first to admit that faith is subjective in nature. There’s no getting away from it. But at the same time, an honest discussion of Christian faith must include the OBJECT of its faith—Jesus Christ. Why? Because when Christians talk about faith, they talk about faith in Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ is a historical figure. A real person. The things He said and did are recorded by eye witnesses. So the details around His birth, the miracles He performed, the claims He made, His death by Roman crucifixion, and the disappearance of His body from the grave are all confirmed facts. They are all evidence for you to consider. It’s where reason comes in. And there is all kind of literature for you to explore and reason through—Scriptural as well as non-religious, historical documents. Anyone that is truly committed to intellectual integrity should at least understand what Christianity is about before dismissing it. Why not start with a general overview of its basic beliefs? You’ll find an easy to read explanation of them in the book, Christianity for the Average Joe. Of course, no matter how convincing or unconvincing you consider the evidence, there won’t be enough proof either way. You’ll have to make your decision based on faith. And so my definition. Christian faith is the place you stand between what you know and believe. There is a lot of information about Christianity for you to explore. A lot of evidence to reason through. But ultimately it comes down to faith. That’s where you’ll have to stand to make your final decision…to believe. Yes…faith is subjective. And yes…it is an experience. One that leaves you forever changed. About Chip Tudor Chip Tudor is a freelance copywriter, author, playwright and pastor.

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