1. Jesus Christ: Worst Marketer Ever

    Written by Chip Tudor - Feb. 23, 2018

    To those who claim Jesus Christ was a great marketer…I disagree. I’ve been a professional copywriter for 25 years. I’ve written the words… Simple… Easy… and convenient… Probably, like a bazillion times in every form of media invented. Except maybe stone tablets. I’ve been a follower of Jesus Christ even longer. Not just a once […]

  2. Effective Leadership: Exercising Power versus Influence

    Written by Chip Tudor - Nov. 14, 2017

    There’s a little known Bible story with a valuable lesson about power and influence. It has almost a Grimm’s Fairy Tale quality to it and is found in 2 Kings 11-13 and 2 Chronicles 24:15-22. Here’s a summary: Athaliah, the wicked queen mother of king Ahaziah, seizes the throne of Judah when king Ahaziah is […]

  3. Three Criteria For Choosing A Freelance Copywriter

    Written by Chip Tudor - May. 05, 2017

    Professional, freelance copywriters charge between $45 to $100 or more an hour. A big cost difference for just a few hours of writing. So how do you choose the right copywriter at the right price? The challenge when selecting a copywriter is you can’t compare apples to apples. Copywriters differ in writing styles, range of […]

  4. Three Wrong Ideas About Biblical Humility

    Written by Chip Tudor - Mar. 01, 2017

    Humility from a Biblical perspective is largely misunderstood in modern culture. And that’s unfortunate, because I think it makes people reject Christianity without really understanding it or even opening a Bible to check it out for themselves. Here are three cultural ideas on humility verses a Biblical view. Humility Minimizes Abilities And Achievements You commonly […]

  5. The Bible: How to Get The Most From Reading Scripture

    Written by Chip Tudor - Jan. 13, 2017

      The New Year is often a time of spiritual reflection. And when searching for answers on life’s deeper meaning, many people turn to the Bible. While I have a seminary education and study the Bible on a regular basis, I still feel like what I don’t know far exceeds what I do know about […]

  6. Church Intramural Sports: How To Grow Men’s Ministry

    Written by Chip Tudor - Dec. 29, 2016

    Some church leaders consider sports an enemy of the Christian faith because they lure people away from church attendance on Sundays. But use them strategically and church intramural sports can also be an effective tool for church outreach. You see for the last several years I’ve used church intramural sports leagues to engage the hardest […]

  7. Finding An Abundant Life Of Faith This Christmas

    Written by Chip Tudor - Dec. 02, 2016

    I came that you might have life and have it abundantly. What exactly is an abundant life? Happiness…peace…joy…contentment…purpose? Most people will probably agree it includes one or all of them. But where do they come from? Blessings randomly sprinkled from heaven? A successful enterprise? An enlighten state of being? Or maybe something you do? Like […]

  8. Corporate Blog Writing: Freelance Copywriter vs Blog Writing Service

    Written by Chip Tudor - May. 25, 2016

    I recently quoted a price to write a series of corporate blogs for the marketing director of a medium size corporation. I had written other marketing and public relations material for her so we had a working relationship. But for the corporate blog, she’d been using a blog writing service and paying $50 per blog […]

  9. Humor Writing By Exaggeration

    Written by Chip Tudor - May. 03, 2016

      You may not be a humor writer, but you’ve probably used exaggeration as a device in humor storytelling. Like when sharing about a funny incident you observed during the day with your friends or family. And as you tell the story, you exaggerate in a few places, because, well, it’s more entertaining. And everyone […]

  10. Church Sports Ministry: 3 Advantages Of Intramural Leagues

    Written by Chip Tudor - Mar. 28, 2016

    A church sports ministry is a great way to engage young men in church life and in men’s ministry. And to maximize the level of effectiveness, consider building an intramural league. The Difference Between an Inter-Church & Intramural Sports League  Not to insult anyone’s intelligence, but let’s be clear on the difference between an inter-church […]

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