Signs Of An Uncommon Christian Life

Signs Of An Uncommon Christian Life

There are visible signs to an uncommon Christian life. Evidence that demonstrates a difference in a good way. Not perfect. But authentic and distinct. Here are just three signs that mark a real follower of Jesus Christ.


Stay with me. Biblical holiness is NOT holier than thou. That is actually self-righteousness and was regularly condemned by Jesus as pride in disguise.

In the life of an uncommon Christian, holiness is the pursuit, not the perfection of Godliness. As Paul describes in Philippians 3:12, it’s a goal you consistently strive to attain, but never complete in this life.

What do you mean by holy?

Biblical holiness means to be set apart and dedicated to God. It’s marked more by the desire of your heart than success of your performance. Even so, there is something obviously upright about how an uncommon Christian lives.

Additionally, it’s more than human effort. Scripture teaches that God’s Spirit dwells within and empowers a real follower of Jesus. So an uncommon Christian produces visible, spiritual fruits. (Galatians 5:22-23)


The Bible claims to be God’s Word and absolute truth. (2 Timothy 3:16-17) It is an either or claim that demands a yes or no conviction.

In a yes response, a real follower of Jesus conforms his/her life to the teachings of scripture and resists fitting it to his/her lifestyle. So there’s an uncompromising, principled quality to an uncommon Christian life.

One that especially stands out in the relative truth, worldview of modern society. Perhaps is even mocked as out of touch with current thought.


An uncommon Christian has a positive attitude and forward mindset. Because a real follower of Jesus anticipates a secure, heavenly future. Yet, doesn’t disengage from this life.

A real follower of Jesus recognizes the existence of evil without running from it. But rather, ministers through a transforming power that is Christ’s presence in their life. And when followers of Jesus unify as the church, the power is magnified.

Beyond life’s circumstances…

In spite of circumstances, an uncommon Christian possesses the most resilient force on earth…hope! It drives them, defines them and equips them with transcending joy.

Most importantly, an uncommon Christian is product of grace. Not perfectly reflected, but still a glimpse of God’s grace. So a real follower of Jesus shines like a lighthouse in a dark, needy world.


Chip Tudor is a freelance copywriter, published author, playwright and pastor. He publishes drama at, books on, and articles on his blog.

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