Jesus Is The Source Of True Freedom

Jesus Is The Source Of True Freedom

Jesus is the source of true freedom. Although America is a land of political freedom, it’s home to many forms of oppression. According to estimates:

  • 15 million struggle with alcohol abuse
  • 23 million struggle with a drug addiction.
  • 40 million regularly visit porn sites

Plus there’s gambling, gaming, prescription drugs, sex trafficking and many other types of physical, emotional, and psychological bondage. But Jesus delivers us from it all.

Jesus is the source of true freedom. He delivers you from an oppressive lifestyle

Jesus sat by a well one day and when a Samaritan woman came to draw water in the afternoon, he asked her for a drink. Other women from the city did this chore together in the cool of morning. But she came alone in the heat of the day. Why? Jesus points out the reason during their conversation. A lifestyle choice that made her a social outcast.

There is probably more to the story because you get the impression that she is trapped by circumstances. But Jesus gains her attention with an offer of hope. If she knew who he was she would ask him for “living water.”

And his offer extends to us today. When you recognize Jesus for who he is and ask, he will satisfy your thirst for freedom from oppressive circumstances.

Jesus is the source of true freedom. He delivers you from mental, emotional, and psychological oppression

A man who was mentally tormented by demons presented himself to Jesus. Mentally deranged and incredibly strong, he was a danger to others and inflicted harm on himself. So he was homeless and ignored by society, left to fend for himself, and made his home among the tombs where he cut himself with sharp stones.

Someone must have told him about Jesus. Because in a moment of mental clarity, driven by hope, he runs to and falls at the feet of Jesus in an act of desperation. Jesus casts out the demons and the man regains a sound mind.

This is not to suggest that the mental illness we know today is all caused by demons. Or reject modern treatment methods that calls for medication and counseling. But it is to claim that the authority and power of God reigns supreme. He knows your heart, mind, and soul. And He is the absolute source of physical, mental, and spiritual wholeness.

Jesus delivers you from the oppression of sin

One day Jesus taught a crowd of people in a home. So crowded that four men who brought their paralyzed friend for Jesus to heal, cut a hole in the roof and let the man down on a bed. Amazed by their faith, Jesus healed the man. But first, he forgave his sins.

The religious leaders present were appalled by his declaration. Only God could forgive sin! But Jesus assured them he was God and could both heal the sick and forgive their sin. Which he did then and does now.

However, we must first recognize we’re sinners who are ruled by sin. Because sometimes we convince ourselves we’re really not so bad. But sin holds us captive and separates us from God. And we are only set free when we seek God’s forgiveness. Which he does with joy and celebration.

Jesus is the source of true freedom. He delivers you from eternal death

When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, he demonstrated God’s ultimate power over death itself. And he did so again when he rose from the dead three days after his crucifixion.

That’s why he calls himself “the resurrection and the life.” Death cannot hold him or those to whom he gives life.

But life is more than physical existence on earth. It is also spiritual and eternal. And you experience the abundance of it through Jesus. It’s more than a religion or philosophy of life. It is a relationship with Jesus Christ.

When Jesus said, “then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free,” he was talking about HIMSELF!

Chip Tudor is an author, blogger and professional writer. He publishes books, humorous Christian drama, and thought provoking blogs from a Christian worldview.