Theme: Christianity is a choice that every individual makes. (Joshua 1:9)

Length: 3-4 minutes

5 Clowns

There is no particular setting for this skit. Along with clown costumes, you will need two road signs: NARROW and WIDE. Near the NARROW sign you should tape a crosswalk on the floor. You’ll also need a pocket size cross that’s big enough to be visible to the audience.

When the clowns come to a fork in the road on a journey towards eternal bliss, they must determine which way to go. Exaggerated pointing accompanies the question: Is it this way or that way? And the final answer is of course—the one with the cross walk.

Slobber, Goober, and Rufus ENTER, walking in single file. Slobber stops abruptly, turns, and signals for the others to stop.

Slobber: Whoa!

Goober halts, but Rufus isn’t paying attention. He crashes into Goober who crashes into Slobber and they all crash to the floor.

Slobber: (Complains as he gets up) I said, Whoa.

Rufus:(scratches head puzzled) Oh.

Goober: Where are we going, anyway?

Slobber: I told you, we’re on a journey toward eternal bliss. But we’ve got a problem. There’s a fork in the road.

Goober and Rufus both examine the ground carefully around the signs.

Rufus: I don’t see a fork. (He brightens and pulls a spoon out of his pocket) But I do have a spoon.

Slobber: Not that kind of fork. The kind of fork where the road splits and goes in two different directions. Now we have to make a decision. Do we go this way (exaggerated point in each direction) or do we go that way?