Theme: Refusing to tithe is stealing from God

Length: 4-5 minutes

2 males, 3 females

A department store with 3 racks of clothing. You’ll also need name brand shopping bags and one very ugly type of garment.

Three teenagers shop while nearby, a security agent tries to catch a shoplifter. The kids discuss tithing versus not tithing and one teen is self-righteous when the shoplifter is caught. But in a twist, her own hypocrisy in stealing from God is exposed.

(MIKE enters and approaches Alice who is shopping.)

Mike: Hi Alice. Finding any bargains?

Alice: There are no bargains in a store like this, Mike. It’s all about image.

(Mike looks at a price tag and then holds it to his head like an astrology reader)

Mike: Yes, and the image I see is bankruptcy.

Alice: (Pats him on the shoulder with mocking attitude) Don’t worry. You still have Wal-mart.

Mike: (Jingles coins in his pocket) Which means I also have change.

Alice: Awesome. You can buy a corn dog in their cafeteria.

(They move to the rack following Freda who grabs a garment and thrusts it in her bag)

Alice: Did you see that? She’s stealing!

Alice: (to Freda) Excuse me—

Agent: (stops Alice and shows his badge) Security. I’m all over it. Just act natural.

Alice: But she—

Agent: (with authority) Act natural.