Theme: Spiritual growth involves regular, personal Bible Study.
Length: 3.5 – 4 minutes
Characters: 2 actors, male or female
Scene/Props: Small work table, tool belt, hammer, saw, tape measure, etc.

This funny man, straight man routine communicates that discipleship involves consistent, personal Bible Study. Melvin, however, approaches it like he is undertaking a woodshop project. We added an element of humor by having the Music Minister play the straight person.

Melvin ENTERS wearing a fully equipped tool belt. He carries a small work bench and a set of blue prints.

Melvin: (singing) Left a good job in the city. Working for the man every night and day…

Minister: Melvin.

(Melvin doesn’t hear. He’s totally into the song.)

Melvin: And I never lost one minute of sleeping worrying about the way things might have been…

Minister: (louder) Melvin.

Melvin: Big wheels keep on turnin, proud Mary keep on burnin. Rollin, rollin, rollin on the—

Minister: (shouting) Melvin!

(Melvin stops and looks at the Music Minister, but just has to finish.) River.

Minister: Melvin, would you mind telling me what you’re doing…besides singing very badly.

Melvin: I’m going to work.

Minister: I can see that. But what are you working on?

Melvin: The Bible. We are at church, you know. (Checks all his equipment) Let’s see. I got my hammer, tape measure, pencil. Am I missing anything?

Minister: How about a Bible?

Melvin: Oh yeah. (Pulls out a pocket New Testament and blows off the dust)