Theme: The Christian life is a race of endurance in front of spectators. (Heb. 12:1)
Characters: Rabbit, Speedy, Turtle, Race Starter & a couple of spectators
Length: 2.5 – 3 minutes

A sign that says, Race for the Lord, a bottle of Turtle wax, a boom box and Chariots of Fire theme song

This Kids Church skit was made for kids to perform to kids. The characters compete in a race for the Lord.

(A RABBIT hops in. He has whiskers and bunny ears)

Rabbit: (Reads the sign with a tone of contempt) Race for the Lord. I’m gonna smoke everyone. Run circles around them. Make them eat my dust. But first, I gotta get loose.

(As Rabbit stretches out, SPEEDY sprints in. He has whiskers, mouse ears and a long tail.)

Speedy: Arriba! Arriba! Undelay! Undelay! Hey, Senior, is this where the race for the Lord starts?

Rabbit: Yeah, who are you?

Speedy: Speedy Gonzales. The fastest mouse in all of Mexico. And I see another spiritual victory in my future.

Rabbit: I don’t think so. I’m more spiritual than you are. Look, I even brought my Bible. Did you bring YOUR Bible? Huh?

Speedy: No, I’ve got it all memorized.

Rabbit: Well, your shoe’s untied. (Speedy points and Rabbit looks) Knot! And that’s
K. N. O. T. Get it? Your shoelace is in a knot. Ha, ha, ha!

(A TURTLE enters. He wears a shell and speaks and moves very slowly)

Turtle: Excuse me. Is this where the race for the Lord starts?

(Speedy starts running around the turtle in circles)

Speedy: Si, Senior. Arriba! Arriba! Undelay! Undelay!

Rabbit: Don’t tell me you’re going to race. Not only do you not have a Bible, you don’t have a prayer. A prayer, get it? Ha, Ha, Ha.