Theme: Jumping to a conclusion may cause you to misjudge others.

Length: 4-5 minutes
Characters: Two singles, John and Jane
Scene/Props: A room with 2 easy chairs and a table with lamp.

Synopsis: Jane is angry because when she interrupts a group of girls involved in a conversation, they all stop speaking. She automatically assumes the worst—that they are talking about her. In the end she learns she is right…and wrong.


(John sits in a chair reading a newspaper when Jane enters. She paces in anger.)

Jane: I am so angry I can just spit.

(John covers his head with the newspaper. Annoyed, Jane grabs it away.)

Jane: I was using an expression.

John: And very convincingly I might add.

Jane: Who does that, Mary Jo thinks she’s kidding?

John: Uh…you?

Jane: Do I look dumb? Like I am completely gullible?

John: Well I—

Jane: Do you see “Duh” written on my forehead?

John: Of course not—

Jane: And I thought they were my friends. Well, I know how things work. I wasn’t born yesterday. When a group of girls are involved in a conversation and I enter the room and they all stop talking at once…

(She looks at him expecting him to finish the thought)

John: They’re all catching their breath?

(She looks at him like he’s wrong, but should guess again)

John: They’re pausing momentarily for a topic switch.