Theme: Children adopt values by imitating the actions of their parents.
Characters: 1 male, 1 female
Length: 2.5 – 3 minutes
Scene/Props: Kitchen Table, small counter, microwave oven, microwave meal, table settings, cell phone

Synopsis: After discussing their day of questionable ethics and business practices, Mr. and Mrs. Stevens learn their son tried to steal a test at school. They are hypocritically angry at his dishonesty, oblivious to the fact that they set the example.

MRS. STEVENS enters in executive business attire holding a newspaper and a microwave meal that she puts into the oven and starts. Then she sits at the kitchen table, kicks off her shoes, and begins reading the paper. MR. STEVENS enters sorting through the mail.

Mr. Stevens: You looked bushed. Long day?

Mrs. Stevens: (nods) Way long. But productive. It’s amazing how much time and energy it takes setting up off-shore accounts in order to shelter corporate profits.

Mr. Stevens: An attorney’s work is never done. And I’m sure it’s all within legal guidelines and ethical corporate practices.

Mrs. Stevens: Legal? To the finest level of jurisprudence. Ethical? A matter of corporate relevancy.

Mr. Stevens: Or expediency.

Mrs. Stevens: Exactly.

(He gives her a Hi-Five)

Mr. Stevens: That’s my girl. (He looks in the microwave) And I see dinner is on the way in typical, efficient fashion.

Mrs. Stevens: Yes, and since I’m slaving over dinner, do you mind setting the table?

(He nods, grabs silverware, and begins setting the table.)

Mrs. Stevens: And what about you, how many amazing sales did you make?

Mr. Stevens: I’m not quite sure…yet.

Mrs. Stevens: Yet?