Football Flip Flop

Genuine authenticity means standing up for your convictions

4 men, 3 women

Length: 4-5 minutes

A living room with a small sofa and a couple of chairs. A card table is used for refreshments. One couple is dressed in Ohio State attire and the other in Michigan. You’ll need snacks for the card table and a Michigan & OSU pendant.

Invited to join the firm’s partners at a football game party between Ohio State and Michigan, partner hopeful, Mr. Flop tries to demonstrate allegiance to both teams. But his effort to play both sides fails and instead demonstrates a lack of conviction.


Mr. and Mrs. FLOP enter together. The Flops carry both an Ohio State and a Michigan pendant.

Mrs. Flop: Remember, success means going along with the crowd. Their passion is your passion.

Mr. Flop: Their passion is football. I hate football.

Mrs. Flop: They’re the partners of the firm. And you want to make partner. So today, you love football.

Mr. Flop: (without enthusiasm) I love football.

Mrs. Flop: I’m not convinced.

Mr. Flop: (dumb football player voice) Duh…I love football.

Mrs. Flop: (pats him on the back) Work on that.

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