Theme: A father exerts significant influence on the spiritual development of his sons.

Characters: Several fathers and their sons. Some fathers and sons can be used in more than one scene.

Length: 4:30 minutes

Props should be real enough to convey the scene, but the actors will need to quickly move them in and out of position as the scenes alternate sides of stage.

A total of 7 vignettes are acted out against the background of the song by Phillips, Craig & Dean, I Want to be just like You. Each vignette corresponds to various segments of the song by verses and chorus. Scenes alternate between left and right side of stage so actors can quickly alternate setting up their scene and getting into position. It makes use of 2 spot lights.

Disclaimer Note: You are responsible for all copyright terms and conditions related to use of the song: I Want to be just like you by Phillips, Craig & Dean.


Scene 1:
First Verse (0:56 seconds) A father and his young son (age 4-5)—Left side

LEFT SPOT: Up as Music begins
The father sits in a rocking chair with his son on his lap. They read a bedtime story together. The father closes the book, carries his son to bed where he tucks him in and kisses him goodnight.

LEFT SPOT: Down ( I whisper a prayer that someday he’ll see, he’s got a father in God cause he’s seen Jesus in me)
Scene 2:
Chorus (0:34 seconds) Father and son (age 8-10)—Right side

RIGHT SPOT: UP (Lord I want to be just like you, cause he wants to be just like me)

The son pretends to be a football quarterback, taking a hike from the center as his father arrives home from work carrying a briefcase. The son asks his father to play with him, but the father shakes his head and points at the briefcase. The son acknowledges it with disappointment and continues to pretend playing football. The father watches him and then on second thought, puts down the briefcase, takes the football from his son, pretends to take a hike from center (imitating the same method his son used) and throws him a pass.
RIGHT SPOT: Down (I want to be just like you, cause he wants to be like me.)