Theme: You can’t control your circumstances, but you can control your attitude

Length: 4-5 minutes
Characters: John & Jane
Scene/Props: Office break room with a vending machine and a table with chairs.

Synopsis: John is angry when the vending machine takes his money without delivering a candy bar although it works fine when Jane buys something. John calms down when he and Jane talk about attitude adjustment. Until John puts in more money.

(JOHN enters and approaches the vending machine. He looks and makes his decision.)

John: Ah…snickers. Time for a chocolate fix.

(He drops in coins and waits, but nothing happens.)

John: (irritated) What’s up with this?

(He gives the machine a casual smack with his hand, but nothing.)

John: (more annoyed but smiles tolerantly) You just gotta love technology.

(He looks around, sees no one watching and hits it harder a few more times. Still nothing.)

John: (He smiles but it’s now very tight jawed) Yes sir, technology is wonderful. It’s the marvel of modern civilization. A tribute to man’s inventive genius, it’s…it’s…

(He pauses, searching for words and looking around with his very tight smile and then attacks the machine in a flurry of hits, kicks and then shakes it with both hands. He finally stops and bends over with his hands on his knees to catch his breath.)

John: Man, I need to get in shape.

(JANE enters, makes a selection and starts to put coins in the machine.)

John: I wouldn’t, the machine is out of order.

(But he’s too late. She inserts the coins, makes a selection and a candy bar drops down. She unwraps and begins to eat it.)

John: Hey!

(He tries pushing several buttons, but nothing. Then he begins hitting it, growing increasingly more violent to the point of kicking and shaking it until Jane intervenes.)

Jane: John, take it easy will you?