Theme: God does not condemn us so we should not condemn one another. (Rom. 8:1-4)

Length: 6-7 minutes
Characters: Archie, Edith, Mike, Gloria
Scene/Props: The Bunker Home. Lunchbox, Overcoat, Hat, gloves, scarf, stove, game of scrabble, coat rack, Archie’s chair, kitchen table & chairs, dictionary, coffee mug, remote control, pile of laundry, T.V. set, slippers, set of keys.

Synopsis: In this take-off of the hit 70s TV show, Archie is his usual, hypocritical, racist self who rants against everyone and everything who doesn’t think his way. But in the ending of this version, Edith finally gets the last word.



To the Bunker home where there is a kitchen table, coat rack, and Archie’s chair and T.V. MIKE and GLORIA play scrabble at the kitchen table. Edith enters and begins setting the table and also putting on dinner.

GLORIA: Scuzzy. That’s…(figuring points)

MIKE: Scuzzy? Wait a minute, Gloria, that’s slang, it’s not a real word.

GLORIA: Mike, you said if it’s in the dictionary, it’s a word.

MIKE: We’ll see about that. (thumbs through dictionary)

EDITH: It’s almost dinner time and Archie ain’t home yet. I’m gettin worried.

GLORIA: Ma, the traffic report said everything was moving slow.

MIKE: That’s right, some people are getting home an hour later than usual. I wouldn’t expect him soon.

EDITH: An hour? Oh dear, dinner will be cold, and Archie hates a cold dinner. I better keep things in the oven. (starts putting things back)

(ARCHIE ENTERS. He’s wearing boots, an overcoat, hat, gloves, scarf, and carries a lunchbox. He stamps his feet, removes clothes and hangs them up on the rack.)

ARCHIE: Jeesh, a little snow and idiot drivers come out of the woodwork.

MIKE: Two feet accumulation is more than a little, Arch. They closed the university because of it.