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                    You Think?

The ability to analyze, reason, and create is what separates humans from animals. Christianity says these faculties and a spiritual awareness form the image of God. A recent, religious study revealed that 93% of the young people surveyed said they believe there is a spiritual aspect to life. Sounds religiously affirming, but what does it mean? You believe in God? You attend church? You think God possibly exists. You sometimes think about attending church? You believe in a godhood, you’ve had a spiritual experience, and you view church as a universal brotherhood? When it comes to spirituality, it’s hard to agree on one definition, because we all approach it differently. But what does appear to be universal is that everyone approaches it in some manner. Like there’s a designated, spiritual placeholder inside that we need to fill. An internal program that can’t be turned off. A search for answers to profound questions and a desire for meaning that go beyond this world. Then again, maybe it’s just a case of indigestion from last night’s pizza. At some point however, you’ve probably asked:
  • Where did I come from?
  • Why am I here?
  • Where am I going?
And these raise even more questions:
  • What’s the meaning of life?
  • How do I make sense of it?
  • Do I have a purpose?
  • Where do I find significance?
  • Is there a God and, if so, what does He want?
And here’s the problem. There is no concrete way to answer any of these questions. There’s no clear research, no physical proof, nothing tangible we can note with complete assurance. It’s all up to human speculation. And when you consider all the religions, philosophies and  ideas out there, you know there’s lots of speculation. What makes Christianity unique is that it is based on history. Both the Old and New Testaments in the Bible talk about real people, places and things. They record actual, historical events. Christian beliefs and teachings are all tied into the meaning of these events. This book explains the basic concepts. The ones on which everything else rests. I think you’ll discover that when you get down to it, Christianity offers real answers to life’s questions and a clear, meaningful path for those who choose to follow it. About Chip Tudor Chip Tudor is a freelance copywriter, author, playwright and pastor.

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