Three Criteria For Choosing A Freelance Copywriter

Professional, freelance copywriters charge between $45 to $100 or more an hour. A big cost difference for just a few hours of writing. So how do you choose the right copywriter at the right price? The challenge when selecting a copywriter is you can’t compare apples to apples. Copywriters differ in writing styles, range of industries covered and experience. The answer is to base your decision on value rather than price. Does the copywriter deliver what you’re looking for at a cost that adds to your bottom line? Are you satisfied with the results? There will always be a certain level of subjectivity to your decision, but here are 3 criteria for making a determination.

Do You Like the Copywriter’s Voice and Style?

Professional copywriters will change their voice and writing style to match the one you want. Like a good character actor. They become the person you want. But at the same time, every copywriter has a sweet spot. Some copywriters have an aptitude for technical language. Some a strong business presence. And others a knack for play on words and clever sense of humor. Which one best represents the personality of your company? And don’t think that just because you’re an IT firm it means you have to be dry and boring. If you’re a fun and light person who happens to also be an IT expert, be that way in your presentation. And find the writer that matches you. There are plenty of fun and humor loving customers out there looking for you.

Is The Copywriter’s Copy Persuasive?

Persuasive copy is clear, concise and COMPELLING. It’s the psychological aspect of copywriting. Art not science. And hard to define because there’s no clear formula. But the copy has an enticing flavor that draws the audience in. Identifies and relates to their pain. And presents the solution…YOU! Which is where you cash in. When you read the copy of the copywriter you’re considering does it convince you to…
  • Click on a link?
  • Return to a blog?
  • Swipe a credit card?
A copywriter’s ability to write persuasively is the X factor. And the easiest way for you to determine their value. Do their e-blasts produce sales leads that result in sales? How many sales does it take to cover the cost of that e-blast? Is their SEO blog article a good read, a soft sale that attracts new customers AND raises your rankings for certain keywords in search engine results? A copywriter that accomplishes all three is worth his/her weight in gold. Copywriters that present you as unique…different…and better are always a good value.

Is The Copywriter Intuitive?

Think plug and play. Someone who gets it quickly and is off and running. Who quickly grasps your message and delivers it in the media you want. Without a lot of hand holding on your part. They do their thing and you do yours. There’s always an initial learning curve as a copywriter adjusts to your particular language. But intuitive writers get there fast. And once they are, you won’t have to be. You tell them what you want and they’re off and running. The best part about a freelance copywriter from your perspective is you’re free to shop around. You try out different writers until you find the one that fits you best. But keep in mind. Freelance copywriters are also looking for good clients. They’re measuring you just like you’re measuring them. And may pass on you for a better client. Chip Tudor is a professional freelance copywriter and Pastor of Community Life at Fairhaven Church in Dayton, Ohio.

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