As a freelance copywriter, my focus is on the words that communicate your message. I use an active, conversational tone of voice that’s targeted to your audience: whether you want your advertising copy technically informative…business casual…light’n lively…outright humorous. I write it crisp, to the point, and warmly engaging.

I enjoy crafting funny play on words, developing clever taglines, and creating original, humor and comedy that captures the attention of your audience and draws them into the presentation. But my primary goal is to write smooth, persuasive copy that effectively motivates your audience to act. Isn’t that your goal too?

My copywriting specialty is that I’m a generalist.

I’ve journeyed through numerous industries both business to business and consumer. I’ve walked the factory floor, brain stormed in plush executive suites, and teleconferenced across the country. This diverse exposure has resulted in a wide perspective that adds richness and texture to your writing projects. I strive to understand your subject and your audience in order to write copy that effectively connects the two and improves your results.

My unique feature is my comprehensive copywriting ability.

My copywriting experience includes all forms of media and I enjoy the challenge of delivering the right message in each one. Print, TV, radio, video, Internet—I’ve been across the board and back more than a few times.

This is especially useful if your campaign crosses media platforms and you want to maintain a consistent voice throughout. I match the style and tone of voice you want and deliver it in the media of your choice.

Read a few samples from my portfolio. Then contact me about your next project and request a quote. Together we’ll make your marketing effort a profitable success.

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