www.caraccessories.com steals content

Caraccessories.com has stolen my content. And they continue to publish it on their About Page. You will find the content at this url: http://www.caraccessories.com/about.

I asked Elena Maria to either pay me for the content or remove it. She removed it from the Home Page, but not the About Page. It’s now been over a year so I think it’s safe to assume she has no intention of paying me or removing the content.

Why should she remove it from www.caraccessories.com? She’s succeeded getting away with it for over a year now.

I had another writer suggest I may be able to contact Google and ask for it to be removed from their pages. Here is the content I wrote.

Automotive Accessories for Beauty and Function

Car Accessories is an after-market provider of name brand, automotive accessories for all makes and models that add functional beauty to your car, truck, or SUV. We’ve provided high quality, American made products since 1990 and offer guaranteed, wholesale pricing and FREE SHIPPING. Because of our industry expertise, and our commitment to unsurpassed customer service…


Car owners today are keeping their vehicles longer. Automotive accessories protect your investment to extend its serviceable life, add a look of higher class, and increase its over-all trade-in value. 

Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

So we make ordering as easy and convenient as possible and take extra steps to be sure it’s what you expect. Once we have accurate information, we’ll ship the right product, right to your door.

Want to personalize it? We add monograms, graphics, and logos so your final product is absolutely unique.

Order online or call our toll-free number today.

As you can see, except for a couple of edits, it is identical to what is posted on the About page at www.caraccessories.com.

I accept the fact that the Elena Maria operates an unethical business and has cheated me out of payment. I’ve been cheated before. But this is the first time someone has cheated me out of any payment and then published my work on their website without my permission. That is copyright infringement and it is unacceptable.

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