Using Sports at Church to Engage Men

Engaging men through a church intramural sports league is an effective way to involve them deeper into church life.

It takes more, however, than simply organizing and running a league. Here are 3 guidelines for spiritually engaging men through a church intramural sports league.

Foster Men’s Warrior Spirit

Men are created with a warrior spirit. To effectively engage them, you must not just recognize it, you must celebrate it. Even encourage it.

So plan for and promote competition. Form teams that incorporate all skill levels—advanced, intermediate and recreational. And form teams that are even as possible. When everyone has a chance to win, it keeps men coming back each week.

Even a little good natured trash talk helps spice things up. It all has to be carefully managed of course. And at times, tempers flare. But good competition is critical to a successful church intramural sports league. So don’t squash it. Encourage and manage it.

Promote the Greater Community

This is what makes a church intramural sports league unique. It lets you create an environment that goes beyond the competition. You start with a philosophy that is clearly communicated and drives everyone in the same direction. And from there, you set the agenda with all your coaches and players.

And you hammer it home constantly.

We are one Community. One Brotherhood.

Yes we’re competing against one another. Yes, we’re all out to win. But when the game is over, we’re all one church. So we leave our differences on the field/court. Because there’s a greater cause, a greater purpose that we are all in together.

Maintain the Momentum

It takes a huge effort to motivate men. Even signing them up for a church intramural sports league takes a lot of work. And strong promotional efforts are important to league success. But once you get men moving…keep them moving.
Every athlete, former athlete and sports weekend warrior knows that camaraderie forms among men when they compete together on a team.

So make it work for you.

Intentionally and strategically plan for other things to begin right after the season ends. Consider a 5 to 6 week study and encourage guys to participate as team members. This is where team camaraderie grows into deeper, more meaningful friendships.

When men start moving forward spiritually, that’s when your church will reap huge spiritual benefits.
Want to build your own church intramural sports league? My Kindle E-book tells you how.

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